Robert De Niro Denies Ultimatum in Lawsuit Over Assistant’s Claims

Robert De Niro Addresses Allegations

During his recent court appearance, actor Robert De Niro faced questions regarding fiery email exchanges with his girlfriend, Tiffany Chen, concerning his former assistant, Graham Chase Robinson. De Niro is currently being sued by Robinson, who claims that the Oscar-winner discriminated against her and assigned her menial tasks.

The Legal Battle Begins

The legal battle stems from allegations of discrimination against Robinson during her four-year employment with De Niro.

She worked as De Niro’s assistant between 2008 and 2019. During a courtroom appearance, De Niro was questioned about emails and text messages exchanged with his girlfriend, which became a crucial part of the proceedings.

Email Exchanges in Question

Emails between De Niro and Chen, dated March 2, 2019, were brought to light during the testimony.

In these emails, Chen expressed concerns about Robinson, but De Niro denied that her words constituted an ultimatum.

Chen accused Robinson of behaving intimately with De Niro, which De Niro agreed was unacceptable, although he did not see it as an ultimatum.

Allegations and Email Controversy

Chen alleged that Robinson had an unhealthy fixation on De Niro, referring to it as an ‘imaginary intimacy.’

The exchanges included discussions about Robinson’s continued employment, with Chen expressing her dissatisfaction.

Legal Proceedings and Email Reveals

Robinson’s attorney probed De Niro regarding Chen’s alleged ultimatum. De Niro denied labeling it as an ultimatum and expressed his desire to make decisions in his own office.

Emails Continue to Unfold

Emails introduced in the courtroom included claims by Chen that Robinson had a ‘fantasy relationship’ with De Niro. As the legal battle progressed, tensions rose, and email exchanges revealed increasing friction between the parties.

Robinson’s Claims and Financial Matters

Robinson accused De Niro of gender discrimination and improper spending during her employment at Canal Productions, De Niro’s company.

The court proceedings also highlighted financial disputes and claims of mismanagement.

De Niro’s Testimony

De Niro appeared frustrated during his testimony, particularly when faced with allegations of abusive language and unwanted advances towards Robinson.

He confronted Robinson in a moment of exasperation during the courtroom proceedings.

A Glimpse into De Niro’s Demands

De Niro’s testimony provided insights into his demands as an employer, including an incident where he requested Robinson to scratch his back. He acknowledged this, emphasizing it was not done with disrespect.

Attorney Exchanges and Courtroom Atmosphere

The second day of the trial witnessed tense interactions between both sides. De Niro’s attorney objected to the questioning, and a moment of humor arose when De Niro quipped about impeachment.

Disputes over Salary and Business Matters

De Niro defended his negotiations with Robinson, explaining a salary increase and the complex circumstances surrounding her departure. Disagreements over her salary compared to male counterparts also emerged.

Further Claims and Personal Incidents

De Niro faced questions regarding a range of issues, including interrupting Robinson’s grandmother’s funeral and various disputes over company property. Tensions and conflicting claims were prevalent throughout the courtroom proceedings.

Robinson’s Departure and Legal Battle

Robinson’s attorney argued that De Niro had prevented her from quitting by threatening her with a negative job reference. De Niro refuted this claim, maintaining that he treated her with respect.

Financial Disputes and Public Embarrassment

The court also delved into allegations of improper spending and efforts to retrieve De Niro’s belongings. Both parties disputed the motivations behind the lawsuits and their impact on public perception.

De Niro’s Perspective on the Case

De Niro expressed frustration with the legal battle, emphasizing his desire to recover his belongings. He maintained that the case was unnecessary and accused Robinson of not returning his possessions.

The Ongoing Legal Battle

The legal battle continues, with both sides presenting their arguments and evidence. The trial is expected to last for two weeks and involves multiple complex issues.

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