Nigerian Woman Criticizes Men Who Calculate Date Expenses, Sparks Online Debate

Lady Criticizes Men’s Calculations on Dates

A Nigerian lady took to social media to express her discomfort with men who meticulously calculate expenses during dates, terming it embarrassing.

Identified as @Simplegbemi, she vented her frustration on the microblogging platform about men who seemed cautious about their spending and budgeting while on a date.

Embarrassment and Discomfort

@Simplegbemi remarked that she finds it embarrassing when men constantly calculate expenses during a date, suggesting that if they lack the means, they should abstain from dating altogether.

She expressed disdain at being seated with someone who meticulously computes every cost, indicating her discomfort with such behavior.

Mixed Reactions on Social Media

The lady’s opinion triggered a flurry of reactions from other social media users. While some concurred with her sentiments, others criticized her, labeling her as entitled.

The spectrum of opinions varied from those supporting her perspective to others defending the practicality of expense calculations on dates.

Diverse Opinions on Expense Calculations

Numerous users weighed in on the topic. Some defended men who calculate expenses, highlighting the practicality of adhering to budget constraints.

Others poked fun at the lady’s viewpoint and questioned her reasoning, leading to a back-and-forth debate among users with diverse perspectives and experiences.

The lady’s candid expression about her discomfort with men who calculate expenses on dates ignited a robust online conversation, revealing differing viewpoints and approaches towards dating expenses among social media users.

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