Ibrahim Yekini, Nollywood’s Rising Star, Receives Icon Leadership Award

Ibrahim Yekini, Nollywood’s Rising Star, Receives Icon Leadership Award

Nollywood Star Ibrahim Yekini Receives Icon Leadership Award


Ibrahim Yekini, widely known as Itele or Itele D Icon in the Nollywood industry, has been honored with a prestigious Icon Leadership award.

The acclaimed actor, who is eagerly preparing for the release of his upcoming movie in August, received this recognition for his significant contributions to the world of entertainment.

Additionally, the award serves as a testament to his positive impact on society and his role as a mentor to the youth.

Gratitude and Humility in Acknowledging the Award: Upon receiving the award, Ibrahim Yekini expressed his gratitude to the organizers, acknowledging that while many receive awards, he believes that true rewards come from God.


The actor felt deeply humbled and appreciative of the recognition bestowed upon his talent.

To him, receiving an award that acknowledges his artistic abilities is a profound honor that fills him with humility.

“I’m grateful for the award and the recognition of my talent.

While awards are special, it is the rewards from God that truly matter. I feel blessed and humbled by this acknowledgment.”

Itele’s Ascent Towards Becoming the Next Box Office King: As news of the award spread, reports emerged that Ibrahim Yekini is on his way to becoming the next Box Office King, following in the footsteps of renowned actors like Funke Akindele and Femi Adebayo.


His upcoming movie, “KESARI,” is set to hit the cinemas soon.

The actor shared his excitement on his Instagram page, reminiscing about his experiences working alongside Funke and Femi in the past.

“I have had the privilege of working with esteemed actors like Funke Akindele and Femi Adebayo.

Acting alongside them in movies like ‘Omo Ghetto The Saga’ and ‘Agesinkole’ was a challenging but highly enriching experience.

They have influenced my growth as an actor, and for that, I’m forever grateful.”


Unveiling the New Project: “KESARI”: Recently, Ibrahim Yekini unveiled his latest project, “KESARI,” to his followers on Instagram.

The movie is set to premiere in August and promises to be a compelling narrative with a fresh storyline and intriguing characters.

The actor shared a glimpse of the protagonist’s persona, “KESARI,” and highlighted the character’s fearless demeanor and deep understanding of the darkness in the world.

“Prepare yourselves for a new story, new characters, and a new journey. ‘KESARI’ walks in darkness, unafraid of danger, for he is a man who thrives in the shadows.

His kingdom lies in the world’s hidden places. Brace yourselves to witness greatness.”


Femi Adebayo’s Encouraging Support: Femi Adebayo, a respected colleague and accomplished actor, took to the comment section of Ibrahim Yekini’s post to show his support and admiration for the upcoming movie.

He left several fire emojis, symbolizing his enthusiasm for the project and Ibrahim’s remarkable talent.

Conclusion: As Ibrahim Yekini, aka Itele or Itele D Icon, receives the prestigious Icon Leadership award, he reflects on his journey towards becoming the next Box Office King and eagerly looks forward to the premiere of his new movie, “KESARI.”

The recognition he receives is a testament to his dedication to the entertainment industry and his impactful presence in the lives of the younger generation.

With his new project on the horizon and the support of his fellow actors like Femi Adebayo, Ibrahim Yekini’s future in the Nollywood realm looks exceptionally promising.


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