Oyo State Governor Establishes Facility to Address Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders Among Survivors of Recent Explosion in Bodija Area of Ibadan

Oyo State Governor Addresses Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders Among Explosion Survivors

Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde, has taken proactive measures to address the aftermath of the recent explosion in the Bodija area of Ibadan.

This explosion, which occurred at Dejo Oyelese Close near Bodija Housing Estate, prompted the establishment of a dedicated facility to assist survivors facing potential health challenges.

Emergency Operation Centre at Oyo State Housing Corporation:

Governor Makinde revealed that the Oyo State Housing Corporation in Bodija is now home to the Emergency Operation Centre.

This facility serves as a focal point for coordinating efforts to support those affected by the explosion.

Health Support for Survivors:

In a statement released by his Chief Press Secretary, Sulaimon Olanrewaju, the Governor emphasized the importance of providing medical assistance to survivors.

He acknowledged that some may be experiencing respiratory illnesses or symptoms indicative of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

To address this, the Oyo State Government has taken steps to ensure access to medical specialists for affected individuals.

Registration for Medical Consultation:

Governor Makinde urged survivors of the Bodija incident to seek help by calling 09047190962 to register their health-related complaints.

This dedicated hotline is established to facilitate consultations with medical specialists and connect survivors with the necessary healthcare support.

Dedicated Facility at Oyo State Housing Corporation:

To streamline the healthcare process, a facility has been set up at the Oyo State Housing Corporation in Bodija.

This location, where the Emergency Operation Centre is situated, will serve as a hub for medical consultations and support services for those affected by the explosion.

The Governor’s announcement underscores the commitment of the Oyo State Government to address the health concerns of explosion survivors promptly.

By establishing a dedicated facility and coordinating efforts through the Emergency Operation Centre, the government aims to provide comprehensive support to those in need.