Imo State Protest Turns Violent: NLC President Joe Ajaero Shares Shocking Ordeal

Imo State Protest Chaos: NLC President Joe Ajaero Recounts Assault and Arrest

In a shocking turn of events during a planned protest on workers’ conditions in Imo State, the President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Joe Ajaero, found himself at the center of a harrowing ordeal.

Ajaero shared his distressing experience during a press conference held in Abuja, shedding light on the assault and arrest that unfolded during the protest.

Arrested by Police Operatives

Joe Ajaero revealed that he was initially arrested by police operatives in Imo State. The NLC President expressed his surprise and dismay at the turn of events, as what started as a peaceful protest took a dark and violent turn.

Ajaero’s arrest marked the beginning of a series of brutal incidents that unfolded in the course of the day.

Handed Over to Thugs: A Terrifying Encounter

To his shock, Ajaero disclosed that it was the police who handed him over to a group of thugs, escalating the situation to a terrifying level.

These thugs, numbering about seven, subjected the NLC President to severe beatings and dragged him on the ground. Ajaero painted a vivid picture of the brutality he endured, emphasizing the gravity of the assault.

Workers’ Early Arrival Met with Violence

The chaos didn’t spare the workers who had gathered early at the protest venue. According to Ajaero, some workers arriving as early as 7 am were also targeted by the thugs.

These early arrivals faced physical violence, with the thugs going as far as seizing their phones, intensifying the atmosphere of fear and aggression.

Late Arrival Amidst Turmoil

Ajaero clarified that he arrived at the protest venue around 9 am after receiving reports of the assault on workers.

The NLC President, who is not a card-carrying member of any political party, expressed his disbelief at the level of violence unleashed during what was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration.

Dragging and Tying: A Humiliating Ordeal

Recalling the extent of the brutality, Ajaero stated, “I can’t explain the beating I received. They tied my hands and dragged me on the floor like a common criminal.”

The humiliating and degrading treatment meted out to the NLC President adds a disturbing dimension to the incident, raising questions about the state of security during protests in Imo State.

Contrary to Political Affiliation Claims

Addressing speculations, Ajaero made it clear that he is not a card-carrying member of the Labour Party (LP) or any other political party.

The assault and arrest, he emphasized, were not politically motivated but rather an alarming manifestation of violence against workers and their representatives.

As the details of Joe Ajaero’s distressing encounter unfold, concerns about the safety and security of protesters in Imo State come to the forefront.

The incident raises important questions about the role of law enforcement and the need for a thorough investigation into the events that transpired during what was intended to be a peaceful demonstration for workers’ rights.