Confusion Over Bond Street’s Temporary Rebrand as ‘Burberry Street’ for London Fashion Week

Confusion Over Bond Street’s Temporary Rebrand as ‘Burberry Street’ for London Fashion Week

Confusion Over Bond Street’s Temporary Rebrand

The decision to rename Bond Street station as ‘Burberry Street’ during London Fashion Week has left both Londoners and tourists perplexed.

This central London tube station, located in the heart of the West End shopping district, underwent a temporary rebranding by TfL to align with the prominent fashion brand, Burberry.

Signage and Logos Altered

As part of the transformation, platform signs were repainted in knight blue, a nod to one of Burberry’s new brand colors.

The familiar red and blue tube logos were also replaced with all-blue ‘Burberry Street’ roundels, contributing to the station’s new look.

Mixed Reactions

The sudden change sparked mixed reactions among commuters and observers. While some found the ‘Burberry takeover’ of Bond Street intriguing, others were bewildered by the alteration, particularly during their daily commute.

One Londoner expressed concern that even after a 12-hour night shift, the change made it seem like they had lost their way.

Criticism and Concerns

Criticism emerged regarding the decision to rename a well-known station for an advertising partnership. The confusion caused by the rebranding was evident as passengers were unsure if they had missed their stop.

The altered station name, ‘Burberry Street,’ raised questions about its plausibility and appropriateness.

Issues Raised

Issues related to accessibility for wheelchair users were also raised, as missing the ‘Burberry Street’ stop could lead to a considerable distance to the next step-free station.

Some users questioned the expenditure on temporary signage for a week in contrast to other pressing matters, such as the Mayor’s expanded ULEZ charge.

Temporary Renamings and Sponsorship Ideas

The practice of temporarily renaming London stations for sponsorship deals has been seen before, with Canada Water being dubbed ‘Buxton Water’ during the London Marathon in 2015.

The idea of naming Tube stations and lines after brands was previously discussed as a means to address TfL’s financial challenges.

TfL’s Response

TfL addressed the confusion by stating that in-train announcements, station announcements, and platform staff would assist customers during the temporary renaming.

It was also noted that not all roundels in corridors linking lines had been changed.

The ‘Burberry Street’ transformation was scheduled to end after London Fashion Week.

The renaming of Bond Street station to ‘Burberry Street’ for a limited period generated diverse reactions and raised questions about the role of branding and sponsorship in public transportation.


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