Christian Singer Faces Humiliation and Legal Challenge After Metropolitan Police Officer Forbids Street Gospel Performance, Ignites Controversy

Christian Singer Faces Humiliation and Legal Challenge After Metropolitan Police Officer Forbids Street Gospel Performance, Ignites Controversy

Metropolitan Police Officer Faces Backlash:

Christian singer Harmonie London, 20, shares her feelings of being ‘humiliated’ and ‘bullied’ after a Metropolitan Police volunteer officer, Maya Hadzhipetkova, allegedly obstructed her street performance of gospel songs on Oxford Street.

Human Rights Challenge:

In an exclusive interview with MailOnline, Harmonie accuses Officer Hadzhipetkova of breaching her human right to freedom of expression and religion.

The incident, captured on video, has sparked controversy and prompted a review by Scotland Yard.

Metropolitan Police Investigates Officer’s Actions:

The Metropolitan Police is under scrutiny as it reviews body-worn footage of the incident that unfolded last Sunday.

Officer Hadzhipetkova’s actions, including threatening to seize Harmonie’s equipment, have drawn widespread condemnation.

Dispute Over Bylaws and Busking:

While the Met claims the altercation revolves around a ‘specific bylaw related to busking,’ Harmonie argues that she was not ‘busking’ but ‘sharing the gospel.’

The dispute raises questions about the freedom to express religious beliefs in public spaces.

Public Outcry and Political Responses:

Ex-Conservative minister Ann Widdecombe criticizes the officer’s actions, stating that some in the country seem to have an issue with Christianity.

Norman Brennan, an anti-crime campaigner, deems the video as ‘not a good look,’ while Christian Concern’s Andrea Williams calls it ‘shocking.’

Understanding Busking Laws:

The article clarifies that there is no law against singing on pavements in England and Wales, whether Christian or otherwise.

Council bylaws related to busking licenses and avoiding disruptions, rather than religious content, typically govern street performances.

Harmonie’s Response and Legal Rights:

Harmonie, a popular Christian street singer with a substantial online following, asserts that her singing aims to bring ‘love and peace to the public.’

She claims the police did not respond to her documents citing legal rights and expresses disappointment over the lack of understanding.

Controversy Surrounding Officer’s Background:

Maya Hadzhipetkova’s background and work history, including employment at Costa Coffee and as a pub manager, are revealed.

Critics argue that her behavior indicates a lack of understanding of the law, prompting calls for action against her.

Wide Support for Harmonie:

Support for Harmonie pours in from various quarters, including former Met Police detective Peter Bleksley, who calls it ‘Lawless Britain.’

However, former Met Police officer Raj Kohli acknowledges the officer’s mistake but emphasizes her volunteer status.

Impact on Harmonie and Future Performances:

Harmonie expresses her feelings of humiliation and intimidation during the incident, stating that she felt her human rights were disregarded.

Despite this, she vows to continue her gospel performances, emphasizing the positive impact on her audience.

Metropolitan Police Responds and Social Media Commentary:

The Met Police responds by acknowledging the ongoing review of the incident, condemning personal and hurtful comments on social media about Officer Hadzhipetkova.

The article concludes with details about special constables’ roles and responsibilities within the police force.