Renowned Relationship Therapist Blessing CEO Embraces Spiritual Journey Ahead of New Year’s Challenges

Spiritual Quest Unveiled

Well-known therapist, Blessing CEO, has sparked intrigue after sharing her spiritual journey online.

Embracing Mystical Practices

In a series of Instagram posts, CEO dons a striking red and white robe at a mysterious river, proclaiming her quest for spiritual fortification beyond traditional church teachings.

Seeking Strength Beyond Conventions

Leaving behind controversy, she embraces a more spiritual path, expressing gratitude to the “Goddess of the 7 rivers” while hinting at a deeper connection to root cultures.

A Journey Beyond Boundaries

CEO’s declarations of visiting shrines and rivers coupled with cryptic phrases like “Deity… JujuShrineTempleRiverPowerWater” leave followers intrigued about her newfound spiritual exploration.

The Video Revelation

Accompanying her revelations, a video surfaced, adding visual depth to her enigmatic journey, hinting at a transformation that goes beyond societal norms.

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