Nigerian Woman Fired by UK Firm Before First Shift Recounts Lesson in Viral Video

Video Account of Dismissal

A young Nigerian woman, identified as Akorede and known on TikTok as @korrxss, recently shared a video online recounting her abrupt dismissal by a UK corporation.

Expressing surprise and disappointment, she revealed that she had not yet commenced her first shift at the firm when she received the termination notice.

Unexpected Turn of Events

In a previous video, Akorede had enthusiastically discussed her excitement about her new job at the UK company and the social status it entailed.

However, her tone shifted as she reflected on her dismissal and the possible source that could have shared the video footage with her employer.

Valuable Lesson Learned

Expressing her shock and pondering the origins of the video that led to her termination, Akorede mentioned the importance of keeping positive news private.

She highlighted the lesson learned from her experience, advising against sharing excitement or good news openly on social media, emphasizing the need to keep personal achievements to oneself.

Reflective Insights

Upon introspection, Akorede deemed the video she shared earlier as an expression of excitement and joy, which unfortunately had an unintended consequence.

Her video garnered attention, shedding light on the challenges individuals face regarding privacy and the unforeseen impact of social media sharing on personal and professional aspects of life.

Viral Message

The viral video of Akorede’s job dismissal has sparked discussions about privacy, discretion, and the inadvertent consequences of sharing personal achievements on social platforms.

Her experience serves as a cautionary tale for others navigating the balance between online presence and personal boundaries.