Celebrity Big Brother Star Nicola McLean Unfazed by Boos Due to Her Blonde, Busty Image

Nicola McLean’s Expectations of Boos and Self-Assured Attitude

Nicola McLean, former Celebrity Big Brother star and current Daily Star Big Brother columnist, opened up about her readiness to face boos from the audience due to her glamorous appearance.

She emphasized that her blonde hair and curvaceous figure never intimidated her, and she was prepared for any negative reactions.

At 42 years old, Nicola expressed her confidence, stating, “I kind of always expected it because you know, I’m outspoken, I’m blonde, I’ve got massive boobs. I always expected it.”

Unfazed by Boos and Self-Assured Mindset

Reflecting on her experience, Nicola disclosed that she didn’t dwell on the boos.

While she acknowledged the cheers she received when making it to the final, she admitted that the boos didn’t affect her much.

The first time she faced boos upon leaving the house, she shrugged them off, expressing that if people were booing her because she was younger than them or for any other reason, she didn’t really care. In her view, such reactions were somewhat misguided and lacked significance.

Recalling the Feud with Kim Woodburn

Nicola’s comments were in reference to her well-documented feud with Kim Woodburn, who was 81 years old at the time.

The two clashed multiple times during their stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2017, making their interactions a memorable part of the season.

Observations on Olivia and Her Approach to the Show

Nicola McLean didn’t hold back in offering her perspective on Olivia, a participant in the 2023 Big Brother lineup.

She candidly shared her belief that Olivia is playing the “biggest game” among the contestants. According to Nicola, Olivia has clearly drawn from her extensive experience watching reality TV and is actively seeking more screen time.

Nicola surmised that Olivia aims to be at the center of events and provoke reactions from others. She suggested that Olivia’s motives extend to the desire for fame.

Analyzing Olivia’s Behavior and Game Plan

Nicola pointed out specific instances that led her to believe Olivia was actively playing the game. She referenced Olivia’s reaction when facing eviction and described it as rude and bratty.

Additionally, she mentioned a scenario involving another housemate, Jenkin, where Olivia’s response came across as embarrassing and out of touch with reality.

Despite sharing Scottish heritage with Olivia, Nicola’s sentiments weren’t swayed, and she questioned whether Olivia’s youth might be a factor in her behavior.

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