Hurdles for Medical Companies Who Don’t Use Call Tracking

Hurdles for Medical Companies Who Don’t Use Call Tracking

As long as people make calls to schedule a medical appointment, medical companies that leverage call tracking will be one step ahead of those ignorant of this breakthrough solution.

Marketing technology unicorns like Phonexa empower medical providers to fully control inbound calls while complying with healthcare privacy regulations. For example, Phonexa’s all-encompassing Call Logic product goes beyond mere data collection. From interactive voice response to call analytics, recording, and distribution, Call Logic includes over a dozen proprietary features designed to boost your marketing efforts and dominate the market.

But let’s take a different perspective for a while. Assume you are successful in online sales even without call tracking and ‘don’t want to fix what isn’t broken.’ Assume you don’t care much about which marketing channel brought you which customers – you still think you can repeat your success to a T without call tracking software.

Now, let’s see what you’ll miss out on if you don’t integrate call tracking into your marketing tech stack.

1. Leaving the Most Profitable Marketing Channels Unattended

You must be most interested in how many leads each marketing channel generates. The trick is that the only way to know how many leads your marketing channels generate is to install tracking software.

Whether you use social media, paid advertising, video advertising, or any other form of marketing, it would be insane to pour money into all these channels without strategic purpose, wouldn’t it? But that’s exactly what those unaware of call tracking do! They burn their budgets on all types of ads while being oblivious of the effectiveness of their marketing channels. Had they had appropriate tools at hand, they could have doubled, tripled, and quadrupled their marketing ROI.

2. Mistakenly Doubling Down on Failed Campaigns

Diversity is one of the cornerstones of online marketing, but it doesn’t mean you have to support ineffective campaigns in the hope of a payoff. Ideally, the budget allocation should be proportional to the performance of your campaigns, especially if you have several. Otherwise, you can mistakenly double down on underperforming campaigns and spend your budget irrationally.

3. Granting Customers a Boring Journey

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system collects crucial information from callers even before they connect to a live agent. A smartly designed IVR system creates a seamless customer journey, eliminates delays when live agents are busy, and can even solve problems and process transactions independently from live agents.

Here are some remarkable statistics:

  • 40% of callers will hang up if waiting too long in a call queue
  • 59% of customers value tailored engagement based on past interactions
  • 81% of customers do independent research before reaching out to a live representative

On the other hand, if you have high call volumes and no IVR system at work, you’re dooming your leads for painful minutes of listening to melodies while waiting for an available agent.

4. Lowering the Potential of Live Agents (and Decreasing Sales)

Not only do marketers suffer from the absence of an IVR system and real-time data that call tracking software can provide, but so do live agents who have to meet callers unprepared. Instead of opening a conversation with a ready-made solution to the client’s problem, unprepared agents have to ask the caller’s name and the reason for the call, and then search for the solution until they find it or the caller gets frustrated and hangs up.

And now imagine an agent greeting you with a precise solution to your problem. Wouldn’t it elevate the company’s brand image? The agent would likely convert and create a long-lasting relationship with the customer.

Finally, call tracking is a great tool to measure the performance of live agents. With all conversations being recorded (while staying in compliance with regulated privacy laws), you can spot and reward the best agents, thereby instilling a result-oriented approach in your staff.

5. Allowing Fraudulent Transactions

A recent case study shows that specific data verification hygiene procedures can lower fraudulent transactions by 30%, giving businesses complete control over their lead sales.

On the other hand, if you can’t guarantee the integrity of your data through fraud detection functionalities, you leave your business exposed to fraud and errors, whether through calls or other interactions.

Does This Only Apply to Medical Companies?

Wouldn’t it be brilliant to know the total number of calls for each of your ads, how long they lasted, and how many converted? 

The good news is that it is possible in any business, not just medical companies. With the caller insights and analytics at hand, you can boost sales in insurance, real estate, IT, traveling, and any other ‘call-burdened’ business.