Migrant Influx in Eagle Pass Slows as Thousands Seek Entry

Migrant Influx in Eagle Pass Slows as Thousands Seek Entry

Migrant Influx Slows in Eagle Pass

After a surge of migrants flooded the small Texas border town of Eagle Pass, recent developments indicate a significant slowdown in the number of arrivals.

DailyMail.com has learned that on Friday, only 800 people crossed the Rio Grande into Eagle Pass.

Perilous Crossings and Emotional Scenes

Exclusive footage from DailyMail.com captures small family groups making the perilous journey from Piedras Negras on the Mexican side of the border.

Among them, a Venezuelan mother was seen sobbing as she waded through waist-deep water, only to be confronted with massed razor wire on the US side.

Most of these groups included young children, many carried on their parents’ shoulders, despite a tragic drowning incident involving a four-year-old boy earlier in the week.

The Border Patrol’s Perspective

When asked about the situation on Friday, a Border Patrol agent remarked, “It’s not as busy as it was before but could be later.”

The thicket of razor wire, ordered by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, aimed to deter illegal crossings, but some migrants found ways to navigate it using sticks.

Evidence of Recent Arrivals

Caps, sweatshirts, and t-shirts stuck in the razor wire serve as lingering evidence of the more than 7,500 people who crossed this week alone. Notably, the large group that had gathered under the Camarillo Real International Bridge earlier in the week has since dispersed.

Mexican Authorities’ Response

Mexican authorities have also increased their presence in the area. Guardia Civil and Policia Especiales, part of the Mexican National Guard and the Federal police unit, respectively, have been observed on the opposite bank of the border.

Persistent Challenges

Despite the slowdown, Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber remains cautious.

He anticipates future waves of migrants and sees no immediate end to the crisis, which has persisted for the past two years.

Regional Migration Patterns

Eagle Pass is part of the Rio Grande Valley sector, which reported 46,536 migrant apprehensions last month, second only to the Tucson sector.

The majority of migrants hail from Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala, but in Eagle Pass, a significant portion are Venezuelan.

Factors Attracting Migrants

Some experts attribute the area’s attractiveness to relative safety compared to other border towns. Freight rail and cargo trains make it easily accessible, and there has been success for immigrant families in reaching the United States, often with the assistance of smugglers.

Impact of Recent Policy Changes

A recent Biden administration decision allowing Temporary Protected Status and work opportunities has drawn many migrants to the border.

The promise of a more straightforward entry process once they reach Border Patrol adds to the appeal.

Migration Routes and Future Expectations

Many migrants have been channeled through NGOs like Mission: Border Hope and have left the area on buses headed to various destinations.

However, the resumption of Mexican freight trains, known colloquially as ‘The Beast,’ is expected to bring more migrants to the border. The border crisis, according to experts, appears poised to persist.

Unprecedented Border Dynamics

The border crisis has entered a new phase, marked by a significant influx of migrants who perceive leniency in US immigration policy.

Despite initial rhetoric of applying “harsh consequences,” the recent trend of allowing entry has prompted a rush of migrants from around the world, a situation described as “crazy good news” for those seeking entry.

The border situation remains dynamic, with the Texans playing a notable role in border enforcement.