How to stand out in a crowd this summer

Fashion has a habit of changing like the wind. One minute you’re buying skinny jeans, the next, they’re out of style and it’s time to replace them for flared ones instead. One thing that stays the same is the patterns of fashion trends. A designer will bring in a trend, then the wealthy and celebrities will begin wearing that trend, then slowly it trickles out to the rest of the population.

Before you know, everyone begins wearing Nike high tops, cropped t-shirt, or flared jeans. However, something has changed in recent years, in which individualism has become a fashion trend in itself. Instead of fitting in with everyone else, it has become fashionable to break the mold and be as individualistic as your dare. 

So, as the latest trends come out this summer, it can be tempting to grab hold of the latest jacket or sandals that everyone is buying. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd this summer, here are some top tips below. 

What are the perks of standing out? 

Standing out always has the risk of carrying negative attention. However, in recent years, standing out has become more accepted in which it is now encouraged to show your individualism. The truth is that, yes, you may be teased or stereotyped for dressing a certain way, but there are also so many benefits to standing out that are worth the risk of attracting some negative attention.

Some of the benefits of standing out include:

  • Greater opportunities – Those who get noticed more and more likely to come by a greater number of opportunities. 
  • Be true to yourself – There’s no greater inner-happiness and satisfaction than being able to be true to yourself, your beliefs and your likes and morals. It may be scary at first, but it can be oh so worth it. 
  • It’s a chance to take advantage of positive stereotypes
  • You may be of more appeal to a partner as you stand out from the crowd
  • You pave the way for others to feel brave being different from the crowd

How to begin standing out

Standing out isn’t easy when all we’ve ever been taught is to fit in. For many of us, we were taught that standing out could result in bullying at school. However, society is becoming more accepting of those that stand out, no matter how they might do that. 

Here are some baby steps you can take to begin standing out:

Add a twist to your fashion

So, you’re not quite ready to dye your hair purple and wear a bold floral print shirt, we get it. However, by adding a subtle twist to your style, you’re already one step of the way. You can start by adding an accessory such as a belt, a hat or different style shoes. From here you can add more as you feel comfortable to build your confidence. 

Mix patterns 

Print on print is best achieved with monochromatic styling. This means that you choose two colors in different prints that are of visual and graphic interest. You can offset this with an accessory in a bold and different striking color. 

Change up your jeans

Jeans are something that everyone has in their wardrobe, yet most people have the standard boot leg or skinny jeans. How about subtly breaking the mold by opting for some retro style flared jeans. Flared jeans are a real throwback to the 70’s and will give you an urban edge vibe. 

Use statement pieces

Standing out from the crowd doesn’t mean you need to break the bank by buying a whole new wardrobe. Instead, invest in a few statement pieces that speak for your personality, whether this be a purse, a jacket, or a scarf.

Overall, standing out from the crowd can be daunting when you’ve only ever been taught to fit in. However, by becoming your true self and embracing who you are through your own unique fashion will feel both rewarding and empowering. 

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