How to Save Big on Pet Travel Expenses This Summer

How to Save Big on Pet Travel Expenses This Summer

As travel season approaches, pet owners face the dilemma of bringing their furry companions along without breaking the bank.

The expenses associated with traveling with pets, including hotel fees, airline regulations, and pet-sitting services, can quickly add up.

However, Jason Higgs, Senior Deals Strategist at Bountii, shares insightful tips to help pet owners save money while still enjoying their adventures with their pets.

Tip 1: Shop Around for Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Researching pet-friendly hotels and vacation rentals is essential when planning a trip with your pet. Many accommodations charge additional fees for pets, ranging from $20 to $100 per night.

By comparing pet fees across different establishments and exploring special deals, pet owners can find cost-effective options. Websites like BringFido or PetsWelcome can aid in identifying the most suitable accommodations.

Additionally, negotiating with Airbnb hosts may lead to waived or reduced pet fees, especially for well-behaved pets or extended stays.

Tip 2: Engage in Activities Together

Rather than relying on costly pet-sitting or walking services, pet owners can opt for activities that they can enjoy with their pets.

Many destinations offer pet-friendly parks, hiking trails, and beaches, providing opportunities for pets to exercise and play.

By planning an itinerary around pet-friendly attractions and engaging in activities together, pet owners not only save money but also enhance their vacation experience.

Tip 3: Understand Airline Pet Policies

For pet owners traveling by air, familiarizing themselves with airline pet policies is crucial. Airlines have varying rules and fees for pet travel, and being well-informed can help avoid unnecessary costs.

Checking if pets can fly in the cabin and ensuring compliance with carrier size requirements can prevent additional charges. Booking early and informing the airline about pet travel plans in advance can also secure a spot for pets without last-minute fees.

Bonus Money-Saving Tips

  • Health Check: Before traveling, ensure pets have a clean bill of health certified by a veterinarian to prevent unexpected medical expenses.
  • Pet Insurance: Consider purchasing pet travel insurance to cover unforeseen issues during the journey.
  • Pack Smart: Bring essential items like food, toys, and grooming supplies to avoid purchasing them at higher prices at the destination.
  • Local Deals: Look for pet-friendly deals and discounts offered by businesses at the destination to save on expenses.

By implementing these expert tips, pet owners can enjoy memorable vacations with their furry friends while staying within budget.

With careful planning and smart strategies, traveling with pets can be both affordable and enjoyable.