How to Promote eSports in Africa

How to Promote eSports in Africa

The popularity of eSports is growing rapidly in the Africa region. Africans are quickly catching up to eSports developments. However, the adoption rates of eSports are rather low in Africa compared to other parts of the world.

Some leading sports betting platforms are passionately invested in promoting gaming technology. They are opening up new experiences to gamers with the introduction of the Aviator game.

The improvement of internet technology infrastructure is also promoting the growth of eSports. Aviator gaming is a wonderful entertainment option. Its introduction extends the list of eSports games now available in Africa. That is wonderful news.

Common eSports games in Africa

eSports is thriving in the Africa region because of the preparatory work of sports betting platforms that have introduced young Africans to gaming technology and its many benefits.

Here are some common eSports games you should definitely try.

Sports games

Sports games such as FIFA, NBA 2K, PES, and other live sports gaming simulations are widely accepted in Africa. This is because those wonderful people are passionate about sports. They have several local tournaments and leagues. The widespread acceptance of sports birthed these games.

First-person Shooter Games (FPS)

People of Africa simply love Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) and Overwatch games. After sports games, those are their favorites.

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) Games

League of Legends and Dota 2 are also pretty loved there. That is especially true among younger African gaming aficionados. There are also many competitions dedicated to those wonderful games there.

Mobile games

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, better known as PUBG and Mobile Legends are some of the best examples of top mobile eSports in Africa. They have several competitions for the best and most passionate players in this realm. If you share this passion, this is wonderful news for you today.

Casino games

Casino gaming also qualifies as eSports. With the development of games like Aviator, players can now enjoy full eSports experiences in casinos.

Strategy games

It is a fair thing to say that strategy video games are a rather big deal in Africa. They include Starcraft, Age of Empires, and many other respected names in the gaming business at your disposal today. This is a treat, no doubt.

Steps to Promote eSports in Africa

Here are some steps to promote eSports:

Partnerships with local organizations and communities

Partnering with local businesses, influential figures, and non-profits will make eSports popular among local African communities, no doubt. Places like local arcade clubs, schools, youth clubs, and forums can host eSports tournaments, for example. This is wonderful news for African locals who are die-hard fans of gaming.

Social media and online platforms promotions

Running advertisements via social media platforms and commissioning influencers to make eSports more attractive can produce brilliant results. Social media can also be used to keep audiences engaged with regular updates, tournament information, and other content related to eSports.

Organize eSports competitions and sponsor eSports events

eSports competitions are great for players to form communities. Providing a platform to bring players together can be a great way to promote eSports in Africa. These competitions or events can be organized either online or in person. They can be organized in collaboration with other events that target the same audience.

Collaborate with game developers and sponsors

Collaborating with game developers and sponsors can help provide resources and much-needed support for eSports in local African communities. This could include funding tournaments and events or offering in-game rewards and prizes for players.

Boosting media coverage

Focusing efforts on promoting the media coverage of eSports games is a solid way to promote eSports in Africa. Thousands of media outlets are open to collaborations. The popularity will soar if they dedicate their airplay to eSports promotion.

eSports has made significant headway in Africa but is still grappling with several challenges. The challenges of access to high-quality internet technology, zero infrastructure, no government support, and lack of funding are major challenges limiting the Its growth in Africa.

Despite these lingering challenges, many eSports enthusiasts and organizations work tirelessly to establish and grow eSports in Africa.


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