How to prepare your gaming PC to install Windows 11

How to prepare your gaming PC to install Windows 11

A few months after the release of Windows 11 to the general public, many gamers still do not know for sure if they will be able to update their computers to the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system.

If you want to know how to prepare your gaming PC to install Windows 11, you just have to follow the steps shown below.

Requirements necessary to install Windows 11 on your PC

Microsoft has announced that the requirements they ask to install their new operating system will be inflexible, unlike what happened with the launch of Windows 10.

In the absence of seeing if they rectify their decision for sales reasons, here are the most important ones so that you can prepare your gaming equipment.

Change hard drive partition table from MBR to GPT

The partition table for our hard drive that was used most frequently up to now was the MBR. However, you will need to convert hard drive from MBR to GPT to install Windows 11 .

In turn, to manage a hard disk with GPT partitions you will need a UEFI firmware and activate the option to boot from the GPT system.

If you want to install Windows 11, but you don’t want to get rid of your Windows 10 installation, you can convert your current MBR partition table to a GPT system using a native application that comes with Windows 10: MBR2GPT.EXE.

Once this is done, you will be able to create a partition to install Windows 11 without your Windows 10 installation being affected.

UEFI Supports Secure Boot

UEFI is a firmware system that replaces the BIOS and whose task is to control the hardware of your computer. Its implementation began around 2011 and since then its presence in modern equipment is increasing due to some of its advantages, such as the ease of programming it.

In fact most newer motherboards include it. In this regard, some manufacturers have given the user the option to enable or disable safe mode to avoid problems when installing some systems.

To install Windows 11 you will need to change the Legacy boot to UEFI for Windows 11 . Also, you will need UEFI to have safe mode enabled .

This can cause some other problem if you want to install multiple operating systems on the same computer.

Without going any further, some Linux distributions cannot be installed with UEFI in safe mode enabled.

TMP security module

The TMP module is a physical chip used for equipment security . Its use is very common on company computer equipment and its main function is to prevent malware or malicious software from making changes to the computer system.

But it is now, with the arrival of Windows 11, when an operating system includes it within the requirements that the computer must have in order to install it.

Advantages of installing Windows 11 on a gaming computer

If you meet the previous requirements to update to Windows 11 and some more, your gaming team will undoubtedly benefit from the change.

Windows 11 is not only a new aspect of the Redmond system, but also implements notable improvements when playing video games.

Some of the most notable are:

Auto HDR: better graphics
Direct Storage: faster loading speed
Xbox and cloud gaming

»How to prepare your gaming PC to install Windows 11«

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