How to Organize Your Desktop on Mac?

How to Organize Your Desktop on Mac?

Take a look at this messy desktop screenshot above and tell me that you don’t feel like killing yourself. If you are anything like us, the Mary Kondo in you would be screaming right now. Let’s face it. Having a cluttered desktop only lowers our productivity and makes things more confusing. 

On the other hand, if you have an organized, uncluttered, and clean MacBook desktop, you will find it easier to work and your productivity will improve. That’s just how our mind is wired.

In this guide, we will tell you how to organize your desktop on MacBook so you can enjoy a more productive workspace and have an organized desktop that makes it easier for you to find your files. So let’s dive right in!

How to Organize Your Desktop on Mac?

  1. Change Folder Color on MacOS

The default folder color on Mac is blue, which is a pretty beautiful hue but it feels outdated now. So the first step to organizing your desktop is to change folder color on MacOS. Folder Colorizer for Mac is a desktop app by Softorino — a Ukraine based tech company that brought us WALTR PRO and SYC2. 

Folder Colorizer for Mac is your one-stop solution to colorizing and customizing your MacOS folders. It offers you four ways to customize your folders; colorize your folders, add emojis to your folder icons, add decal stickers to your folder icons, and add image backgrounds to your folder icons.

It lets you personalize your folder icons in a colorful and fun way. It also comes with a built-in AI magic tool that automatically assigns a relevant folder color, emoji, decal sticker, and image background to your folder icons without you having to manually select these changes. 

This app lets you customize multiple folders at once. So you can organize all your folders depending on what their content is. How cool, right? Follow these steps to learn how you can customize your folders using Folder Colorizer for Mac:

Step 1: Install and Launch Folder Colorizer for Mac

Download and install Folder Colorizer on your Mac. It comes with a free trial that you can activate by entering your email address.

Step 2: Drag and Drop Your Folder (s)

Drag and drop your desired folder(s) into the app.

Choose own folder icon on Mac

Step 3: Colorize!

Colorize your folder icons by clicking on the “Colors Gallery” in the top menu bar and select a color. 

Colors Gallery for folders in Mac

If you don’t find your desired color in the available options, you can also create your own custom color by using the “Color Picker Panel” from the top menu bar.

Choose own folder color on Mac

Now customize your folder icons by clicking on the “Emojis Gallery” in the top menu bar and selecting a relevant emoji. 

Emoji for folders on Mac

Click on the “Decals Gallery” in the top menu bar and select a relevant decal sticker.

Custom color of folders on Mac

Lastly, click on the “Images Gallery” in the top menu bar and select a relevant image background. And voila! You are done customizing your folder icons.

Change folder color on Mac

It’s the easiest way to organize and label your folders. For instance, if you are creating a folder for your wedding pictures, just pick a relevant color, add a wedding emoji, add a decal sticker showing photos, and voila! You have a personalized folder.

Let’s look at some other ways you can organize your desktop on Mac.

  1.  Video Tutorial Change Folder Color on MacOS



  1. Organize Your Files in Stacks

Stacks are a relatively newer way to organize your folders and apps in Apple devices. They allow you to stack together multiple similar files and folders into one section. You end up having piles of similar files and folders that are quick to expand and open and just as easy to collapse. 

Stacks allow you to keep your files organized in decluttered groups on your Mac. You can create these stacks date, kind, or tags. By grouping your files by kind, all the images will be in one stack, videos in another, presentations in another, and so on. 

Any new files you put on your Mac after creating these stacks would automatically go into the relevant stacks, where they belong. You can enable Stacks on your Mac by double-clicking on your desktop and selecting the “Use Stacks” option. All your files will be piled up into one, decluttering your desktop.

  1. Organize Your Dock

Your MacBook’s Dock remains stationary on your Mac. It is a great way to quickly access your most used apps and utilities without having to find them individually from Finder. You can also customize your dock to only add the apps that you frequently use. You can also change its placement to appear on any other side of your screen. 

    • To remove apps from your Mac Dock: Right-click on an app icon > Options > Remove from Dock. The app icon will disappear from the Dock but you can still find the app in Finder.
  • To add apps to your Mac Dock: Launch the app > right-click on the app icon in Dock > Options > Keep in Dock. The app will now appear in your Dock even after you close it. 
  • To move your Mac Dock to the side of the screen: Right-click on the line in your Dock that divides the apps > select “Position on Screen” > choose Right, Left, or Bottom. You can change the position of the Dock as many times as you want. Give it a try to find out which position you are comfortable with. 
  • To make your Dock small or large: Put the cursor on the line in your Dock that divides the apps. Wait for your cursor to appear like a white double-ended arrow. Hold the divider line and drag your cursor outward or inward to make your Dock bigger or smaller.


A cluttered and unorganized desktop distracts you, slows down your productivity, and obscures the beautiful desktop background you may have. So now that you know how to organize your desktop on Mac, try out these three ways to have a decluttered, tidy, and organized desktop. Put those files and folders exactly where they belong. Go on!

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