How to Make Money on YouTube? Every Beginner Needs to Know

How to Make Money on YouTube? Every Beginner Needs to Know

If someone told you that it is effortless to make money with YouTube, you might be suspicious, even though the platform pays users who share videos. But don’t be discouraged because, with planning and strategy, you can make your channel earn some money. 

But how is this monetization? How to receive the money? Follow the text and discover the answers to the most common questions about how to make money with YouTube videos.

Where to start?

To participate in the YouTube Partner Program, follow those two prerequisites:

  • thousand subscribers on the channel
  • 4k views in the last 12 months

With this, YouTube considers the channel a small community and understands that people are engaged with the published content. 

Once these prerequisites are met, the person responsible for the channel must be over 18 years old and have an account on AdSense – Google’s advertising platform. But in order to have the content monetized, YouTube’s approval for the affiliate program is required, and the criteria are established by: 

  • Monetization Policies for YouTube Channels
  • Advertising Appropriate Content Guidelines
  • YouTube Community Guidelines

Videos are reviewed and vetted before monetization is approved. 

How is the payment made?

Nowadays, the amount paid is per view, and it is calculated based on CPM – Cost per Thousand Views. With this, for every thousand reproductions of advertisements in the video, the channel owner earns a percentage of the money invested by the advertiser. 

And if whoever is watching one of the videos is a YouTube Premium subscriber, the channel owner also earns a monthly fee paid by that user.

The YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program gives channel owners access to support teams, plagiarism and copyright checking tools, and monetization features.

It is worth remembering that all forms of monetization through the platform start with this initiative, so if you want to earn money from your videos, you need to be part of it. 

Channel Club

There is an initiative that directly pays the content producer: the channel club. To be able to participate, you need to have 30,000 subscribers.

For product channels, it is possible to include a virtual store, promote the pieces and boost the brand on YouTube. 

How to pay?

As we mentioned above, the payment is made by AdSense. Once the account is opened there, just link to the YouTube profile and pay attention to receipts on the platform. 

Payments are made in dollars, and a balance of $100 is required to transfer to a bank account. It is worth remembering that, as it is a transaction in foreign currency, there are fees that are charged, such as IOF.

But how much does a YouTuber earn?

YouTube doesn’t show the numbers with advertising earnings and how much it pays content producers, but there are some channels that stand out, especially those in the gaming area. 

But the amount paid to a content producer is based on the advertising displayed on the channel. As a result, for every thousand impressions, the channel earns a portion of the amount paid by the advertiser. 

This value varies according to:

  • video type
  • audience size and amount
  • technical specifications

Content production

It’s worth remembering that content is significant for any channel! In addition to the YouTube Creators Academy, you may try FlexClip online video editor to improve your content production.

And to have a quality video, the tip is to have a plan and a roadmap about what you are going to cover and how you want to pass this content on to the people on the channel. 

With a good video, an engaged audience, and following the tips above, you will definitely be able to make money on YouTube!