How to Identify and Resolve Relationship Issues

How to Identify and Resolve Relationship Issues

No relationship is perfect. In fact, every individual on the planet encounters some kind of issue with their partner from time to time. Recognizing that there is a problem is the first step. How you resolve those challenges is the big question. You don’t want to break up, and both of you are willing to work toward improvement. It can be done, and our team of experts has some excellent advice.

What Are You Fighting About?

Couples can disagree about almost anything, and a lot of studies have been done on this topic. One batch of research found that communication styles, how their partner acts, and sex were the top three relationship issues. They were followed closely by chores and money.


For couples with kids, another study showed that the three leading fights came from disagreements about children, household tasks, and communication.

Get It Off Your Chest

This isn’t always so easy. Many of us would prefer not to broach the subject because we may hurt our partner’s feelings. However, communication specialists advise getting the issue off your chest.

Don’t steamroll your significant other and begin a verbal attack. Instead, make a suggestion about sitting down and discussing a problem that’s bothering you, for example. Speak your mind. Honest conversation matters.

Acknowledge Your Partner’s Feelings

Always try to listen to your loved one without passing judgment. Value their opinion, also. Both sides should validate each other’s feelings.


Heated arguments happen, and couples are often talking or yelling over each other. Good communication allows each person to vent and be listened to.


Look at how you’re discussing your issues. You realize there is a problem, but are you launching a complaint or a personal attack?


Therapists recommend choosing words carefully. Learn to focus on behavior and not on your partner’s personality or character.

When you seek counseling in Alpharetta, GA, you learn healthy and positive approaches to improving your relationships. Choosing a professional relationship expert is another method for resolving your and your partner’s issues.

Take A Stroll Together

If you’re having an argument about something, and it seems to be stressful and getting both of you nowhere, then, take a break. Go outside and take a walk together. It may sound silly, but it really isn’t. Calming down in the moment can make a difference.


Walking can be a calming influence. You’re both on this journey together, and you can pick up the discussion later.

Say You Are Sorry

One of the worst feelings a couple can encounter is a nasty fight, where you’re hurling insults and exchanging reactions.


Be ready to apologize and truly mean what you say, when you announce that you are sorry.


As Elton John’s famous song so aptly says, “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.”


Saying that you are sorry is essential, say therapists. An apology helps repair relationships by getting people talking again, and it makes them feel comfortable with each other again.

No To Phone, Text, Or Chat

In these days of modern technology, we get so used to using our devices and communicating all day long on them. However, when it comes to trying to resolve your relationship issues, put those high-tech gadgets down.


Always discuss issues with your partner head-on and that means, in person. If you argue via text, for instance, your emotions and your point of view can often be lost in the translation.


Choose a quiet spot and the right time where you can get together alone and can discuss the problem you are facing.

Couples Can Mess Up

Hollywood would like us all to believe that relationships can be perfect with rainbows and unicorns, but none of them are. As human beings, we mess up from time to time, and that’s really alright.

Relationships don’t have to be perfect, and you can work on improving them and learning from your mistakes.


Every couple will see the good, the bad, and the ugly as partners during their relationship. When you can identify the issues that are troubling you, you can learn to resolve them, and our experts have given you a good guideline for taking the proper approach.


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