How to get a perfect figure? These are 6 important factors that you can influence and that will help you

How to get a perfect figure? These are 6 important factors that you can influence and that will help you

Be fit, in shape, look good, and have a healthy lifestyle. These are not reasons to look at your figure in the mirror, but reasons to feel good. But put your hand on your heart: what woman wouldn’t want to have a figure that gives her confidence? Therefore, in the following article, we will look at things that can help you do this.

1. Change your drinking regime

Perhaps our first advice will surprise you, but a lot depends on the drinking regime. First of all, you should forget about alcohol, sugary drinks and juices, which contain a lot of useless carbohydrates. You also don’t need to overdo it with coffee and tea.

On the contrary, what will not hurt you and rather help you is pure water, or water combined with mineral water. Here, gives preference to non-carbonated or less carbonated.

In addition to the content of the “drinks list”, one should also focus on the quantity. For optimal hydration of the body and the functioning of digestion and excretion, it is good to drink at least two liters of water a day. In the warm months and with greater effort, easily even more.

2. Improve your diet

The second important factor is diet. This affects calorie intake, which in turn affects body weight and figure. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the most caloric foods from the menu, especially fatty meat and dairy products, sweets, semi-finished products, and fast food.

But just eliminating foods will not be enough, you must also add those that help you. In addition to vegetables and fruits, this includes lean meat, fish, nuts, seeds, and cereals.

An important part of the changes should also be a change in food preparation. If possible, try to consume as many raw materials as possible in raw, boiled, or steamed form. In the case of lean meat, baking is also fine. Forget frying in oil.

3. Speed ​​up and stimulate metabolism

What has the greatest influence on weight gain or, on the contrary, weight loss? Metabolism, that is, the processes that cause the burning of received energy and the burning of energy reserves that are accumulated in the form of fat tissues. Therefore, the metabolism must be accelerated!

It is best to combine proven means: strengthening, pungent spices for food, regular movement, regular eating, also a regular drinking regime.

To check whether these measures have had an effect, check your body mass index regularly. The best way to do this is with a BMI calculator, which will tell you much more about losing weight or gaining weight than just looking at your figure.

4. Add targeted exercise to regular movement

Physical activity is a great way to not only lose weight or boost your metabolism, but also shape your figure. In this regard, it is necessary to combine regular natural movement with a  targeted exercise aimed at specific muscle groups.

The basis should be daily walks of at least 5 km, to which it is good to add running, swimming, cycling, skiing, tennis, skating, or other sports several times a week.

If it is a targeted exercise, combine complex Zumba and spinning exercises with isolated exercises. Depending on where you have the most stored fat tissue on your body, exercise your abdomen, thighs and hips, ideally 3 to 4 times a week. Once a week, rest from movement.

5. Improve sleep hygiene and rest during the day

Sleep hygiene has a large effect on metabolism, digestion, and overall body weight optimization. Getting enough sleep at night means rest for the body and a decrease in the level of hormones responsible for hunger and appetite.

Stress works in a very similar way. The more you have it, the more the body produces cortisol, which disrupts metabolism, digestion, and also fat burning.

The solution? Reducing the impact of stress on the body, especially by resting during the day. Work less, eliminate overtime or work from home, on the contrary, find time to relax. Relax, do your hobbies, and let go of all your problems.

6. Record your progress, it’s the best motivation

Have you ever heard that “it’s all in the head”? Yes, in the case of a healthier lifestyle, this is certainly true, and the best helper is motivation. We don’t mean that they follow Instagram every day and silently envy fitness or models.

On the contrary, the best motivation will come from you and for you. What do we mean? Simple: regularly write down improvements, progress, and even partial successes.

We don’t want you to become obsessed with weighing or measuring your waist circumference, but regularly writing down these values ​​can be the best motivation. In practice, you will also try out what works best for you, where you need to add, and what, on the contrary, does not work.

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