How to Create Brand Recall for CPG Products

Big and small businesses understand the importance of capturing customers’ attention. But does the attention foster lasting brand awareness and recall? 

Most CPG products depend on repeat sales. It is every brand’s duty to ensure they get repeat business even with the tight competition. 

Generating brand assets ensures that customers remember your product without being carried away by competitors.

Brand Recall: What is it?

Brand Recall is one of the four basic types of brand awareness where businesses create continuous buy intent by staying at the forefront of the consumer’s mind.

Consumer packaged goods, in particular, encourage brand memory through distinctive and special packaging types, designs, and product messaging.

It is not a new thing to hear a person talk about a product they use yet can’t remember the name. Sometimes they might recognize the name but not the manufacturer’s name. 

This tells you how crucial it is for the CPG sector to build a strong brand recall. To create an image of your item in the conscious and subconscious minds, you need an appealing package, design, and product messaging.

Marketing Plan to Strengthen Brand Recall

A brand recall strategy is a crucial component of the marketing campaign for CPG firms, whether they are attempting to promote recurring business or make a new product debut. Many companies are aware of this and even use behavioral and psychological memory techniques in their marketing. 

Think about music. Is there a specific song that brings certain thoughts or memories to mind? Though the music may not have a specific commercial message, your brain develops strong neuro-associations that activate other associations when activated. You can successfully achieve a similar result in a retail setting. 

The expenditure might be expensive if brand memory is tackled from a subjective yet strategic perspective. Having your brand “pop” on the shelves is insufficient, even if many businesses try to stand out. The success of a brand’s products depends on how well-tested its packaging, design, and product messaging are.

1. Product messaging 

It takes more than beautiful visual elements to make a package design sticky. Other than promoting the goods, the words on the package should strike a chord with the customer. After the first purchase, the packaging components must continue to influence the consumer’s behavior.

2. Graphic design

Your label design influences the customer’s ability to recall your goods in the future. Many brands invest a lot in the visual aspect of their packaging. The significance of a product’s graphic components increases in light of new product types and competitive environments so that it shines out from the shelf.

Color is the most significant yet most difficult-to-own aspect of your brand identity, and other brands may quickly change their color schemes to meet your packaging design update. Therefore, a creative and daring design is not sufficient on its own. The individuality that is produced through ownable and distinctive graphics and messaging is what fosters strong brand recall.

3. Packaging design

When examining the packaging for your product, taking subjectivity out of the design process allows shoppers to identify which package is most likely to result in a purchase—testing against other variants guarantees that the higher cost produces a worthwhile ROI before adding a unique packaging shape, color, or material to your cost of products.

What unifying thread runs through your category? What can you do to make your packaging more distinctive so that customers are more likely to take your product off the shelf and give it a closer look? 

Designing and Printing Your Packaging

Now that you know how vital CPG brand recall is, it is time to use this knowledge during the packaging design process. Test and rate your packaging to ensure it generates a strong product recall.

Find a packaging company that has the proper framework and exclusive techniques in place to create special custom packaging and improve the success of your items on the shelf.

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