How Nacho Figueras, the Polo Maestro, Became a Part of Royal Circles

Unlikely Royal Connections

Argentine polo star Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Figueras, born thousands of miles away in Buenos Aires, finds himself entrenched within royal circles, notably mingling with young Windsor cousins at various glamorous events globally.

Global Encounters and Royal Affiliations

Recently spotted conversing with Zara and Mike Tindall at Australia’s Magic Millions event, Nacho, 46, has also fostered a close relationship with Prince Harry, earning him the title of one of the prince’s most trusted confidantes.

Polo, Friendship, and Royal Bonds

The ‘David Beckham of Polo’ has formed deep connections within the royal sphere, frequently seen alongside Princess Eugenie and having rung in New Year celebrations in Sydney with the Tindalls.

His association with Harry extends to playing polo and spending time together in Santa Barbara.

Nacho’s Vocal Support and Friendship Revelations

Known for his vocal support of Harry and Meghan, Nacho openly praises the Duke for his authenticity and dedication to noble causes. He’s been candid about his friendship with Harry, revealing intimate details such as Harry’s immediate recognition of Meghan as ‘the one’ after their initial meeting.

Polarizing Moments and Social Media Sharing

While maintaining a high-profile friendship, Nacho occasionally faced backlash, notably when sharing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s secret wedding invitation on Instagram in 2018, an event shrouded in privacy. His social media presence also includes praising posts dedicated to Harry’s character and endeavors.

Bonding Over Charity and Common Interests

Beyond polo, Nacho shares a strong philanthropic connection with Harry, frequently participating in Sentebale’s charity matches supporting HIV-affected children in southern Africa. His philanthropic involvement has strengthened their friendship.

Personal Life and Family Ties

Nacho’s life story intersects with polo, modeling, and family. Meeting his wife Delfina, a fellow equestrian, at a polo match in Buenos Aires in 1997, they married in 2005 and have four children together. Fatherhood is another topic where he shares common ground with Harry.

The Passion for Polo

Polo remains Nacho’s true passion despite his modeling career. Introduced to the sport at a young age, he turned professional by 17, balancing his sports career with a successful modeling stint after a fortuitous encounter at a party.

This fascinating story unveils Nacho Figueras’ journey from a farm in Buenos Aires to his unexpected association with the British royal family, anchored by his love for polo, philanthropy, and his enduring friendships.

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