Man Allegedly Dates 25 Girlfriends to Pay University Fees

Man Allegedly Dates 25 Girlfriends to Pay University Fees

Strategic Dating: A Nigerian Student’s Unconventional University Funding

A Twitter user with the handle @kayzywizzzy recently shared a captivating tale of financial ingenuity involving a friend who successfully managed to pay his university school fees.

The intriguing twist? He accomplished this feat by simultaneously dating 25 girlfriends.

Financial Bind: The Quest for N25,000 School Fees

The unnamed student found himself in a tight spot, unable to muster the required N25,000 to cover his educational expenses.

Faced with this financial predicament, he devised a unique and rather audacious plan to secure the necessary funds.

The Unconventional Plan: 25 Girlfriends, N1,000 Each

Rather than seeking a single benefactor, the resourceful student strategically approached each of his 25 girlfriends, requesting a contribution of N1,000 from each.

Astonishingly, all 25 girlfriends willingly complied, collectively providing him with the exact amount required to settle his school fees.

Social Media Buzz: Reactions Range from Amazement to Skepticism

This revelation has stirred a flurry of reactions on social media, with users expressing a spectrum of emotions from amazement to amusement. Some questioned the authenticity of the story, while others marveled at the creative approach to solving a financial challenge.

Netizens Weigh In: Diverse Responses to the Unusual Strategy

Responses from netizens ranged from curiosity to skepticism. Questions were raised about the nature of the relationships, with some suggesting that it might be a form of scam or deception. Others expressed disbelief, stating that dating 25 individuals simultaneously seemed implausible.

Creative or Deceptive? Debate Ensues Over the Unusual Fundraising Story

As social media users continue to share their opinions on this unconventional fundraising story, the debate unfolds regarding the authenticity and ethical implications of the student’s approach.

From admiration for creativity to skepticism about the feasibility of such a scenario, the tale has sparked a lively discussion online.

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