Lulu’s Lifestyle Secrets Unveiled: From Diet Strategies to Skincare Rituals – Inside the Anti-Aging Regimen of the Iconic Singer at 75

Legendary singer Lulu, renowned for her iconic hit ‘Shout’ in 1964, recently disclosed some of her lifestyle habits contributing to her timeless appearance and energy, even at the age of 75.

Diet Strategies for Staying Slim

Lulu emphasized her “stay slim strategy,” highlighting her approach to dieting. While she maintains a flexible attitude toward food, she opts for vegetables and protein over carb-heavy meals like pasta. Additionally, she avoids keeping chocolate at home but indulges in dark chocolate occasionally.

Skincare Rituals for Youthful Hands

With hands being a telltale sign of age, Lulu prioritizes skincare for her hands, mirroring her facial routine.

She applies leftover face products onto her hands, emphasizing the importance of moisturizing and massaging to maintain soft, smooth skin.

Hydration and Exercise for Vitality

Lulu maintains her trim figure and fights cravings by staying hydrated with room temperature water throughout the day. She incorporates dance into her exercise routine, a passion she has upheld since her early career days, demonstrating her commitment to staying active.

Balancing Discipline with Indulgence

While Lulu adheres to a disciplined lifestyle, she allows herself indulgences, especially on holiday. She acknowledges the importance of enjoying life’s pleasures in moderation, ensuring a balance between healthy habits and occasional treats.

Farewell Tour and Reflections on Career

Amid speculation about retiring from touring, Lulu announced her final tour, promising a memorable experience for her fans.

She reflects on her illustrious career, expressing gratitude for the journey and excitement for the upcoming farewell concerts, where she plans to reminisce and celebrate her iconic hits with special guests.