How Famous Social Media Platforms Are Vulnerable To The Under Aged

The advent of social media has greatly impacted the digital space. Besides easy communication, brands now leverage social media to promote products and generate conversions.

Studies indicate that close to  4.26 billion people worldwide are now using social media. This figure is projected to double by 2027. A  recent survey indicates that the majority of internet users leverage social networks to communicate with friends and relatives.

The widespread  social  media usage among internet  users  is attributed to  free features  that come with   social media platforms. Major players in the social space allow users to create content and share it with their friends without incurring any costs. All you need is to create an account, register, and start networking with friends.

In addition to strengthening relationships, social media helps users get social support during difficult times.This means the importance of social media usage goes beyond  networking  and content sharing.

While the number of people using social media has been  increasing  each day over  the years,it is posing a threat to minors. Cases of kidnapping, rape, murder  and  even  access to adult  content are some of the threats that many parents are grappling with.

The younger generation is vulnerable since they may not have control over the content they consume on social media platforms.This exposes them to the risk of mistreatment from other users. 

In this article, we explore how the major social platforms are posing a threat to the mental well-being and safety of minors.


Social media usage among the young generation exposes them to the risk of being kidnapped. Unlike older peers that may take precautions on who they interact with, minors can easily be influenced into meeting strangers.

As  such, social media usage  among  minors exposes  them to the risk of  kidnapping. Today cases of child trafficking have more than doubled over the years.It is therefore important to figure out how your child will use social media  while  avoiding the risk of  meeting or engaging with strangers

Even though some parents restrict  their children from accessing social networks, they can easily access major platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from devices outside the household.In that regard, you should enlighten minors on the dangers of using social media at a tender age to save them from the risk of being kidnapped.

Access To Adult Content

There are tons of profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram designed to promote adult content. Without parental control, minors can easily access adult content.  

Remember moral decay is the worst nightmare that many parents are grappling with in society. Exposing minors to adult content poses a serious risk to the social moral fabric.If the children are not morally upright, then it becomes a challenge to educate them on the need to avoid indulging in sexual behavior at a tender age.

Cyber  Bullying

Cases of cyberbullying have become rampant in social space.This not only affects minors but also the older generation.A recent survey carried out on Instagram indicated that close to 42% of young people on the social media platform experienced harassment.

Similarly,79% of kids reported cases of cyberbullying on YouTube followed by snapchat at 79%.This shows that a high percentage of minors across various social media platforms encounter cases of cyberbullying.

Even though the importance of social media in networking with friends can not be underscored, extreme caution needs to be taken to avoid exposing minors to harassment.If not managed properly, kids may not only suffer from the effects of depression but also result in cases of suicide in minors.

Most platforms like Twitter and Facebook have recorded a surge in the number of cyberbullying cases. While these platforms have tried to lay out strict community standards to safeguard users from harassment,a lasting solution still remains elusive.

A survey conducted on Twitter usage among children between 10-18  years indicate that at least 50 % of minors have experienced cases of cyberbullying. This paints a picture of a toxic social media  environmen  that is  not conducive for minors.


Sexualharassmentt is another dangerous experience among minors across major social media platforms.Statistics now indicate that a high number of sexual offenses committed across the world are linked to social media to social media usage.

Sex crimes against minors report on social media users indicates that 25% of sex crimes against teenagers involve rape.This signals that exposing minors to social media usage puts them at risk of being sexually molested.

Most of the culprits lure minors with gifts before planning secret meetings where victims are sexually assaulted. Remember the effects of rape are grievous. Besides depression, sexual violence victims are at risk of getting sexually transmitted infections.

It is therefore critical to control how minors use social media to avoid exposing them to the danger of being sexually assaulted. Irrespective of the tight schedule at work, letting minors understand the dangers of using social media goes a long way in saving them from the danger of being sexually assaulted.

The Risk of Depression

Minors may not handle the toxic environment under which social media thrives.For example, social media users are likely to body shame a minor thereby making them believe they are not good enough.

Take an example where a  social media user posts random photos and expects positive comments from other users. Instead, some users resort to insults.This may easily send a minor to depression and even result to cases of suicide. 

Unlike older social media users that can ignore negative comments from other users, minors may take it personally and hate themselves. Therefore it is recommended that minors are mentored on the dangers of using social media rather than being denied since they can still access social media on their friend’s mobile devices.

Typically, the social media environment is flooded with toxic information that minors may not handle. Aside from cyberbullying, your minor can easily be depressed as a result of insults and negative information they may come across in the social media space.


Social media allows users to connect with friends and relatives on the go. Today, many brands now leverage social media platforms to promote their brands and build brand reputation.

Generally, social media makes it easy for users to nurture and engage with friends irrespective of their location. Despite all these benefits that social media brings, minors have become vulnerable to social media misuse.

It is good to note that while many people are now taking advantage of social media to build their brands and connect with new friends,a high percentage of social media users are now using the platforms for wrong intentions.

Just like cases of fraud and the high number of fake social media profiles that are increasing each day, minors are not spared. We, therefore, encourage you to monitor how minors are using social media platforms.This not only saves them from the danger of cyberbullying but also sexual harassment.

Contrary to older social media users that can make an informed decision when using social media, minors are vulnerable to manipulation since they tend to trust fast without interrogating the people around them.

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