Government Terrorism Adviser Raises Alarm Over Emergence of Islamic Gangs in British Prisons Amid Soaring Muslim Inmate Figures

Jonathan Hall KC, the Government’s independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, has issued a stark warning about the increasing presence of dangerous Islamic gangs within Britain’s prison system.

Highlighting a significant surge in the number of Muslim inmates, Hall describes the phenomenon as “deep-seated” and raises concerns about its implications for prison safety and security.

Pressure to Convert and Join Gangs

Hall underscores the pressure faced by inmates to convert to Islam, often seen as a means of gaining protection within prison walls.

He points out that the dominance of Muslim gangs in some prisons creates an environment where joining such groups, even for protection, can lead to radicalization among inmates.

The influence of these gangs extends to imposing Sharia law and controlling prison wings, posing challenges for prison authorities.

Rapid Increase in Muslim Inmates

Ministry of Justice figures reveal a staggering 323 percent increase in the number of Muslim prisoners in England and Wales since 1997.

With 15,584 Muslim inmates recorded in September last year, representing 18 percent of the prison population, concerns are raised about the growing influence of Islamic gangs within this demographic.

The rise in Muslim prisoners presents a significant pool of potential recruits for these gangs.

Challenges for Prison Staff

Hall’s report sheds light on the challenges faced by prison staff in managing the dynamics of Islamic gangs.

Staff members express concerns about cultural unfamiliarity and fear of making false assumptions regarding Muslim inmates.

The report highlights instances of alleged coercion and intimidation tactics used by gangs to recruit new members, exacerbating tensions within the prison environment.

Impact on Rehabilitation and Society

Convicted murderer Steve Gallant, hailed as a hero of the London Bridge terror attack, speaks out about the violence and intimidation faced by prisoners to convert to Islam.

He warns of the risk of gang violence spreading beyond prison walls and the challenges it poses for rehabilitation efforts.

Concerns are raised about the authenticity of conversions and the potential for coercion and manipulation within the prison system.

Calls for Urgent Review and Action

Government faith adviser Colin Bloom’s independent report calls for an urgent review of coercive conversions and radicalization within prisons.

The report highlights instances of violent faith-based gangs and the spread of extremist ideologies, urging authorities to address these issues effectively.

While acknowledging the complexity of the situation, calls are made for enhanced measures to counter the influence of Islamic gangs and safeguard prison environments.

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