Hostages Released: Elderly Women Freed from Hamas Captivity in Gaza

After 16 days in Hamas custody in Gaza, two women hostages, named as 85-year-old Yochved Lifshitz and 79-year-old Nurit Cooper, were freed.

New video captures the emotional moment they were turned over to the Red Cross.

According to an official statement, the two would “shortly be transferred” to Israel after arriving at the crossing under Egyptian control late on Monday.

It further said, “The families have been informed.”

Yochved is seen climbing out of the back of a white truck and then, with the assistance of two authorities, going towards an ambulance in a video that was published following their release.

Nurit is being wheeled in an ambulance stretcher while lying down.

As ICRC workers wearing red cross vests assess and supervise the two women, they don’t seem to have any visible bodily wounds.

‘Could not put into words’ how’relieved’ she was, Yochved’s daughter, 52-year-old British citizen Sharone Lifshitz, acknowledged the news this evening.

“My mother Yochi (Yocheved) Lifshitz was one of two hostages released to the Red Cross this evening,” the woman confirmed.

I will not let go of my father’s freedom or the release of the approximately 200 innocent people who are still captives in Gaza, even if I cannot express how relieved I am that she is safe.

From their houses in Kibbutz Nir Oz, both women were kidnapped.

Their spouses are still in Gaza.Yochved, also known as Yochi, and her 83-year-old husband Oded were abducted from their house on October 7th amid the savage attacks.

In an effort to raise awareness and bring her parents home, her 52-year-old British daughter Sharone told MailOnline about their situation earlier this month.

“My mum is 85 years old, and my father is 83.” He has a lung ailment, and she needs oxygen.

She declared at the time, “They cannot survive on their own in this environment.”

Who would do anything like this? I simply cannot think of any kind of person in my life who could do this.

There is no enmity in my father.

After retiring, he drove Palestinians from the border to the hospital and back.

He isn’t the adversary.

He thinks that everyone is human.Two hostages taken to the Gaza Strip during the October 7 bombings have been freed, according to a statement made today by the Palestinian terror group.

In a statement, the military arm of the Islamist organisation claimed that Qatar and Egypt had mediated the release of the two women for “compelling humanitarian” grounds.

Israeli officials did not provide an instant confirmation.It coincides with reports that 50 dual-citizen captives held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip are about to be freed, according to sources in Gaza who spoke with Israeli media on Monday.

According to reports, the Red Cross has been sent to pick up the hostages taken hostage during the October 7 Islamist terror attack on Israel.

According to Israel TV channel i24, Qatar has assumed a major role in arranging the handover, which is scheduled to occur in Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip.

The Strip sources claim that in order to ease the handover, Israel has not bombarded the region.

The Times of Israel reports that IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari declined to refute the report.

According to a previous New York Times story, the Israeli administration believes that Hamas may free around fifty dual-citizen detainees, but a ground attack would make this unlikely.

According to three sources involved with the discussions, Israel, Qatar, Egypt, and Hamas have been in discussions recently regarding a plan to free a bigger group in exchange for a consistent supply of gasoline and other humanitarian help.

However, reports also state that Israeli officials want all detainees freed before approving the fuel transfer.

Additionally, Israeli officials informed the negotiators that they thought Hamas and other extremist organisations may use fuel for military purposes.

The three officials claim that although the negotiations are at an advanced level, Israel has not approved the delivery of fuel to Gaza through Egypt.

Meanwhile, a top Hamas official asserted that Israel would only need to fulfil certain requirements before the civilian hostages in Gaza would be released.

One of the terrorist organization’s main negotiators, Khaled Meshaal, has stated that if Israel lessens the severity of its bombing in Gaza, more than 200 hostages might be freed.

“Let them stop this aggression and you will find that some Arab countries, including Qatar and Egypt, are mediators.

We’ll find a way to have them released and send them back to their homes,” he said in an interview with Sky News.

He stated that as long as Israel’s bombing campaign is this strong, hostage releases are not possible.

“We need the right conditions to allow them to be released,” the statement goes, “so that the al Qassam soldiers can take them from their places and hand them to the Red Cross or whoever.”

“We want to stop the random bombardments, the total destruction, and the genocide.”

Meshaal restated the assertion that since the hostages were captured, 22 have perished in Israeli attacks.

Although it won’t reveal their nationality, Hamas claims that a large number of the deceased were Israelis.

Furthermore, he declined to comment on whether Hamas will completely end hostilities in the event that Israel proceeds with its ground assault of Gaza.

Only two hostages have been freed by Hamas thus far.

Within Hamas, Khaled Meshaal holds great influence.

He is regarded as a living martyr, having escaped an Israeli attempt on his life some thirty years prior.

The adolescent from Illinois who was freed by Hamas on Friday following 13 days of captivity is “doing very well,” according to her father.

Video footage captured the momentous occasion when she and her mother were turned over to the Red Cross.

The Israeli government reported that Natalie Shoshana Raanan, 17, and her mother Judith Tai Raanan, 59, returned to Israel late on Friday after leaving Gaza through a crossing under Egyptian control.

The Raanans exited the car and were surrounded by ICRC workers wearing red cross vests as they walked out of Gaza without any evident visual injuries.

After that, the two hopped into a Red Cross car and left.

The Illinois governor stated that they are receiving medical attention, but he did not elaborate on the nature of their ailments.

Qatar mediated the agreement to liberate the two.

Ben, her brother, jokingly said he was ‘annoyed’ because she managed to appear ‘like a supermodel’ in spite of her suffering.

“She is doing well.”

Uri Raanan, 71, of the Chicago suburbs stated, “She’s doing very good.”

He added that they didn’t talk about her situation when she was being held captive.

“She gave me no information.”

She did, however, tell me that they treat her well and that she is doing well.

“It’s going to be the best day of my life, and I can’t wait to hug and kiss her.”

It is “wonderful” to know that Natalie might be able to celebrate her eighteenth birthday at home with loved ones next week.

The best news, according to Uri Raanan.

He stated that he thinks Natalie and Judith are travelling to Tel Aviv to meet up with family members and that they will both return to the United States early this week.

“I had a conversation with my daughter earlier today; she appears and sounds fine,” he said during a news conference held outside his house.”

President Biden and I spoke.”

I thanked him for letting them go and for his care.

He was so kind.

“Governor Pritzker was pleasant when I chatted with him.And maybe next week, I’ll get to see them.

Natalie’s birthday is next week, and we’ll be celebrating it here.

The father claimed that after initially hearing about the potential publication on Israeli media, he got a call from the IDF.

He said that the last 13 days had been “the worst situation,” noting that their kidnappers had kept him in the dark.

“I never slept at night, and my thoughts were constantly in Israel,” he declared.

“A lot of TV and phone calls.”

For the past two weeks, I’ve been riveted to the television, waiting for good news to finally arrive.

“I did not lose hope,” he continued.

I’m waiting for this moment and praying.

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken stated that there is still concern that Hamas is taking ten Americans captive.

At a news conference where he announced the release of Judith and Natalie Raanan, the Secretary of State disclosed the number of people who are still missing.

Regarding the’status or condition’ of the Americans thought to be in Hamas captivity after the terror strikes on October 7, Blinken stated he had no more information to provide.

“The urgent work to free every American and all other hostages continues, as does our work to secure the safe passage out of Gaza for the Americans who are trapped there,” he added.

“I can’t speak publicly about the details of these efforts, and I know you understand that.”

“In this specific case, I would like to express my gratitude to the Government of Qatar for their invaluable support.”

In addition, he declined to provide any more details regarding the Raanans’ post-transfer situation.

Israel stated it would take action to liberate the captives while eliminating the terror group in response to the Hamas slaughter and hostage crisis.

Israel pounded Gaza with airstrikes, killing around 4,000 Palestinians, according to Hamas.

Calling on Palestinians to leave Gaza’s northern region, where it claims Hamas is entrenched, Israeli tanks and troops have gathered close to the enclave’s perimeter in anticipation of a ground invasion.

Additionally, Israel has stated that unless Israeli hostages are released, its complete blockade of the enclave would remain in place.

About 200 captives are reportedly held by Hamas, with an additional 50 being held by other armed organisations within the enclave.

The group has not provided any additional information, but it alleged that Israeli airstrikes have murdered over 20 hostages.

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