Host Describes Property Turned ‘Battlefield’ by Middle-Aged Ravers, Airbnb’s Damage Protection Scheme Steps In

Host Describes Property Turned ‘Battlefield’ by Middle-Aged Ravers, Airbnb’s Damage Protection Scheme Steps In

An Airbnb host in the West Midlands, Muzingaye Nduna, woke up to a nightmarish scenario when he discovered that his property had been transformed into what he described as a ‘battlefield’ by a group of ‘middle-aged ravers’.

The shocking incident occurred overnight during a stay at one of his rental properties, leaving behind a trail of destruction that included snapped wooden doors, a torn-off bathroom sink, and mattresses flung out of windows.

Shocking Images Surface

Mr. Nduna, a former business improvement professional turned property investor, was alerted to the chaos when he received messages from police and neighbors regarding the disturbance.

Upon sending his cleaner to assess the damage, he was confronted with horrific images showcasing the extent of the destruction.

The scenes depicted on TikTok, where he shared the images, stunned viewers, with many likening the property to a ‘battlefield’ due to the extensive damage.

Questions and Concerns

Reflecting on the incident, Mr. Nduna questioned whether the episode was a result of a ‘crazy rave’ or a deliberate attack on his business.

Despite the guests’ assurances that they were in their late 40s and early 50s, he was left bewildered by the wanton destruction unleashed upon his property.

The aftermath left him contemplating leaving the rental industry altogether, as the estimated cost of repairs initially seemed insurmountable.

Airbnb’s Response and Resolution

Fortunately, Airbnb intervened and provided Mr. Nduna with £8,450 as part of their host damage protection scheme, significantly alleviating the financial burden of repairs.

Despite the harrowing experience, he has decided to continue using Airbnb for his other properties, implementing additional security measures such as doorbell cameras and guest agreements to mitigate future risks.

Community Response and Support

The TikTok video documenting the property damage garnered widespread attention, amassing thousands of likes and comments from baffled viewers.

Many expressed disbelief at the extent of the destruction and voiced solidarity with the host. Mr. Nduna’s decision not to press charges against the perpetrators underscores his desire to move past the ordeal and focus on his business.

Airbnb’s Measures and Assurance

In response to inquiries, Airbnb emphasized their commitment to supporting hosts and ensuring the safety and security of their platform. They highlighted their AI reservation screening technology, which aims to mitigate the risk of disruptive parties, resulting in a significant reduction in party-related incidents in the UK.

Additionally, Airbnb reiterated their host damage protection policy, which reimburses hosts up to $3 million in the event of property damage caused by guests.


The shocking incident at Mr. Nduna’s Airbnb property serves as a stark reminder of the potential risks associated with short-term rentals.

Despite the challenges posed by disruptive guests, Airbnb’s swift response and host protection measures provide a semblance of reassurance for hosts like Mr. Nduna. As he moves forward with repairs and continues to manage his properties, his resilience and determination reflect the resilience of the Airbnb host community in the face of adversity.

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