Police officer causes fatal crash for couple while attempting to overtake with a caravan in tow

Off-Duty Policeman Causes Serious Accident While Towing Caravan

Published on January 25, 2024, the shocking incident involving an off-duty policeman, Geraint York, unfolded as he crashed into a car, seriously injuring a married couple.

The collision occurred during an attempt to overtake while towing his caravan on a busy road.

This event, captured on video, reveals the officer’s careless driving, leading to potential dismissal.

The Collision and Legal Proceedings

The video footage depicts the head-on collision between York’s Kia Sorento and a Hyundai Getz, leaving William Davies and Farzeen Hashmi seriously injured.

York faced charges of careless driving but was acquitted of the more severe charge of dangerous driving following a trial at Cardiff Crown Court.

Despite being found guilty, he now faces the consequences of his actions.

Injuries and Aftermath

The victims, Mr. Davies and Ms. Hashmi, suffered severe injuries, with Mr. Davies requiring surgery for a broken back, fractured ribs, and a severely injured left knee.

The gravity of the situation is evident in the video, where clouds of smoke envelop the scene, and a third car narrowly avoids being involved in the collision.

York’s Explanation and Legal Outcome

During the court proceedings, bodycam footage revealed York’s attempt to justify the overtake, citing the need to avoid parked cars.

Despite the potential loss of his job and personal struggles, the judge, Paul Hobson, emphasized that imprisonment was not a suitable penalty for careless driving.

York received a fine of £450, six penalty points, and was ordered to pay £750 in prosecution costs.

Judge’s Verdict and Road Safety Message

Judge Hobson emphasized the significant responsibility all drivers bear on the road.

He acknowledged that even a momentary lapse of attention could have devastating consequences, attributing the collision solely to York’s distraction.

The judge’s verdict highlighted the severity of the injuries caused and the importance of maintaining focus while driving.

Police Response and Ongoing Investigation

A spokesperson for Gwent Police announced they would review the outcome to determine if any misconduct action is necessary.

The professional standards investigation is ongoing, underscoring the commitment to accountability within the police force.

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