Lisa Wilcox’s Unexpected Nightmare: Not What You’d Think

Lisa Wilcox, known for her role in the Nightmare On Elm Street franchise, where she portrayed Alice Johnson in the 4th and 5th films, shared her recurring nightmare recently.

Surprisingly, it’s not the horror from the Nightmare series that haunts her.

A Different Kind of Fear

Despite being part of some spine-tingling scenes in the Nightmare On Elm Street movies, Lisa’s recurring nightmare isn’t about ghosts or ghouls. She opened up about her unsettling dream, revealing that her real fear lies with the classic film “Planet Of The Apes.”

A Childhood Nightmare

In her nightmare, Lisa described being a young child at the zoo with her mother, innocently observing gorillas and monkeys.

However, the dream takes a terrifying turn when a gorilla reaches through the bars, snatches her from her mother’s arms, and carries her to the back of its cage, reminiscent of a scene from “Planet Of The Apes.”

The dream ends with the chilling image of humans confined in a jailed cart, mirroring a scene from the movie. This particular sequence from “Planet Of The Apes” continues to give her the creeps.

Behind-the-Scenes Chills

In addition to sharing her unusual recurring nightmare, Lisa also revealed a hair-raising incident from the set of Nightmare On Elm Street. She recounted a scene where she was supposed to dive through a mirror to reach Danny.

The plan was to use explosives around the mirror to create a cracking effect, but things took a dangerous turn.

When the explosives went off, Lisa was thrown backward off the platform. Thankfully, there were people nearby who caught her, but the incident left her with candy glass in her hair and a sense of terror. The explosives were supposed to be far less powerful, leading to an unexpected and dangerous outcome.

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