Texas Man Charged in Aggravated Kidnapping After Woman Held Captive for Nearly 5 Years Found Malnourished in Dingy Garage

Kidnapping Case Unfolds in Houston

Lee Carter, also known as Viper in the music world, has been arrested and charged with aggravated kidnapping after police discovered a woman held captive in a garage attached to his Houston residence.

The victim, held for nearly five years, was found malnourished and living in distressing conditions.

Disturbing Details of Captivity

The victim, approximately 30 years old, revealed that she was initially approached by Carter around four or five years ago while she was pregnant and panhandling.

Promising help, Carter lured her into his car and subsequently confined her in his garage for years. During this time, she alleges she was coerced into drug use and repeated sexual assaults.

Harrowing Escape and Arrest

Using Carter’s laptop, the victim managed to contact the police, expressing her captivity ordeal. She attempted to escape previously but was retrieved by Carter, who then reinforced her captivity.

Despite a warrant issued in April, Carter’s arrest occurred recently after a welfare check at his residence, leading to his detention on $100,000 bond at the Harris County Jail.

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