Texas Woman’s Nightly Walk Turns Horrific as Pit Bulls Attack, Leaving Sidewalks Stained with Blood


A peaceful evening walk in Round Rock, Texas, took a nightmarish turn when Maria Perez, 55, and her nephew were brutally attacked by three aggressive pit bulls.

The attack left Maria with severe injuries, requiring over 100 stitches. The incident shocked the neighborhood, and neighbors who attempted to help also suffered injuries.

The Unprovoked Pit Bull Attack:

Maria Perez and her nephew were taking their routine evening walk when a neighbor inadvertently let her three large dogs out.

These pit bulls immediately charged at the pair down a dead-end street in Round Rock.

Doorbell camera footage captured the terrifying moment when Maria’s nephew managed to escape, but the dogs relentlessly pursued Maria.

Neighbors Rush to Help:

As the pit bulls attacked Maria, another neighbor who witnessed the horrifying scene rushed to help.

Tragically, she too became a victim of the attack and was left with serious injuries. The sidewalk was left covered in blood as the chaotic situation unfolded.

A Scene of Horror:

With the help of more neighbors, Maria managed to retreat to her own home. Her daughter, Cristina Perez, described the distressing scene she encountered.

Maria urgently sought to shield her family from the gruesome aftermath of the attack.

Injuries and Hospitalization:

Maria was immediately transported to the hospital, where she received treatment for multiple dog bites.

Her injuries were described as very deep and painful, and she required over 100 stitches.

The severe nature of her injuries left her in considerable discomfort.

Seizure of the Aggressive Dogs:

Round Rock Police Department’s animal control officers swiftly seized the three pit bulls responsible for the attack.

These mixed-breed dogs were taken to a nearby animal shelter, where they are currently undergoing tests for rabies.

Seeking Justice:

While the dogs remain in quarantine, the owner of the pit bulls has received three citations, one for each dog. Maria’s family is determined to seek justice for the traumatic incident and ensure that such an attack never happens again.


The pit bull attack in Texas serves as a chilling reminder of the importance of responsible pet ownership and the potential dangers that can arise when aggressive dogs are not properly restrained.

The neighborhood is left traumatized, and the victims are on the path to recovery while seeking justice for their harrowing experience.

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