Home Health: How to create a healthier environment in your own home

Home Health: How to create a healthier environment in your own home

Making your home healthier can be an incremental process. Unlike a fresh coat of paint or new flooring, creating a healthier space can be done with just one new houseplant in the corner, one essential oil diffuser, or one basket to capture clutter. Consider the tips below to make your space fresher, cleaner and better for you and your family.

Add A Water Filter

Add a filter for your drinking water. This can be as simple as a pitcher you can pour directly out of or a stainless steel countertop filter from which you can fill up your reusable drinking water bottles. 

Doing this will ensure that the home joins other eco-friendly citizens like those from Viable Outreach or similar forums worldwide that already have similar systems in place. Not only will the family be healthier with the filtered water in the home, but mother nature will also approve.

To make life even easier, you can create a water routine at the end of the day. As you clean up the kitchen after dinner, simply get in the habit of loading up your water filters or pitcher filters each evening before bed so you can enjoy fresh, cool water each morning.

Bring In More Fresh Air

Depending on where you live, opening up windows can be a challenge. However, even 30 minutes of open windows and doors will allow you to create a cross-breeze that will freshen the air in the space. 

Consider investing in a window fan with side flanges that will create a vacuum around the van. These fans do a great job of drawing air in from outside and forcing fresh air through the space. If you can’t open enough windows to create a cross breeze in a small space, these drafting fans can increase air movement.

Another option that some homeowners use to manage the air quality inside their homes is a high-quality HVAC system that they regularly clean and maintain. The air filters will take some pollutants and pollen out of the air, leaving it clean and fresh for the family. It could be convenient for families struggling with allergies and hay fever, among other medical conditions.

Add Fragrance With Essential Oils

Treat yourself to an essential oil diffuser to freshen the air without a lot of VOC’s. If you don’t want a diffuser on the counter, you can also add essential oils to a small bowl of dry rice. These little bowls or dishes can be tucked back on a bookshelf to easily scent the space without increasing the number of things on a counter.

There are many lovely aromas, including lavender, mint, rosemary, sandalwood, and ylang-ylang. All of these are natural and shouldn’t take away from the air quality in the home. On the contrary, it’ll only add more benefits to the family. 

Some essential oils like lavender are good for relaxation and sleep, Mint could help keep bugs at bay, and Rosemary helps control blood pressure. Depending on the scent the family likes in the home or which qualities they want to enhance, they can choose the essential oil that will work best for them.

Scent Indoor Air Naturally

As winter wanes, everything in your home can start to feel rather stale. To freshen the air without a lot of chemicals, a good cleaning of all your flat surfaces can freshen things up. You can also get some help with Toronto duct cleaning to reduce the dust and mildew in your home. 

Mildew or mold could cause serious health problems for the family, and getting rid of it could sometimes take more than just a cleaning. For this reason, the professionals are the best to contact as they can chemically treat these areas for better results.

Once the air is fresh and clean, consider starting seeds to grow new plants and release a green scent. For example, you can plant lemon seeds from a fresh lemon in damp potting soil. While it may not be possible to grow a lemon tree in your home, the fragrance coming off these fresh, new plants will increase the fragrance of spring even if there’s still snow on the ground.

Create A Decluttering Routine

Give yourself just a few minutes every day to do some decluttering and make it simple. Put your shredding tool right beside your bill-paying spot so no risky paperwork is going in the trash. Of course, most of your bill notifications will come electronically, but managing paper effectively will reduce the sense of clutter and mess. 

As possible, start your decluttering routine by making it easier to handle your possessions only once. As you come through the door you usually use, create a spot to drop off your backpack, your phone, and your shoes. As you drop off electronics, plug them in to charge. If you don’t carry these items all the way into the house, you won’t have to declutter them later.


A home that smells fresh, clean and clutter free will be great for your overall well-being. The ability to relax fully with a glass of clean, filtered water in a space that is soothing and calm will add tremendously to your sense of well-being.