Hollywood Stars Join Industry Strike in Historic Show of Solidarity

Hollywood Stars Join Industry Strike in Historic Show of Solidarity

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Hollywood Stars Join Largest Industry Strike in 60 Years


Hollywood actors, including Hilary Duff, Bob Odenkirk, and Kevin Bacon, have united with their fellow actors on picket lines during the largest industry strike in 60 years.

The strike action took place outside major studios in Los Angeles, such as Warner Bros, Disney, Paramount, and Netflix.

However, some pickets were cut short due to extreme heat.


Hilary Duff and Danny Pudi Show Support: Hilary Duff, known for her role in “Lizzie McGuire,” was seen picketing in LA and shared pictures from outside Paramount Pictures studios.

Danny Pudi, from the TV show “Community,” also joined the picket line at Paramount studios, expressing his support for a fair contract.

Bob Odenkirk and Rosario Dawson Make Their Stand: Bob Odenkirk, renowned for his award-winning performance in “Better Call Saul,” shared a photo of himself outside Warner Bros studios.

He emphasized the need for action now to ensure a fair outcome and prevent future conflicts.

Rosario Dawson, famous for her role in “Kids,” also made an appearance at Paramount studios, supporting the cause.


Kevin Bacon Joins Union Members in New York: Kevin Bacon, known for his role in the hit movie “Footloose,” joined fellow SAG-AFTRA members in New York, picketing the offices of HBO, Amazon, Warner Bros, Netflix, Paramount, and NBC Universal.

He expressed solidarity with the union and shared a video of himself chanting alongside other members.

Heat and Schedule Adjustments: Picketing was scheduled to take place at various studios from 9 am to 1 pm local time in Los Angeles.

However, due to extreme heat, pickets at Disney and Warner Bros ended at noon.

Sweltering temperatures on the US west coast, including near-record highs at Death Valley, influenced the adjustments.


Scope of the Strike and Impact on the Entertainment Industry: Approximately 160,000 actors are now on strike across the US, joining the 11,500 members of the Writers Guild of America (WGA), who initiated the strike on May 2.

This marks the first time both unions have simultaneously gone on strike since 1960.

The strike will halt the filming of new projects and prevent actors from participating in promotions at events such as the 2023 San Diego Comic Con.

Support for Independent Film Production: Independent film producers may receive waivers to continue shooting during the strike if they operate outside the studio system.

Prominent actors, including Mark Ruffalo, voiced support for such waivers and the potential for profit-sharing from successful independent films.


Key Issues and Failed Negotiations: The strike was triggered by the breakdown of contract negotiations between Sag-Aftra and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP).

Pay disparities and concerns over the use of artificial intelligence (AI) were among the unresolved issues.

The rise of generative AI technology and the unregulated use of actors’ likenesses posed an “existential threat to their livelihoods,” according to the union.

Impacts of Streaming on Compensation: The advent of streaming platforms has significantly altered actors’ compensation models.

In the past, residuals from reruns provided a source of income, but the shift to streaming has diminished these earnings.


Negotiations aimed to address the fair division of profits, with the union advocating for better compensation, while the AMPTP claims to have offered the highest percentage increase in minimums in 35 years.

In conclusion, Hollywood stars have joined forces with their colleagues to participate in the largest industry strike in 60 years.

With the support of renowned actors and the Writers Guild of America, the strike aims to address pay disparities and concerns regarding the use of AI technology in the entertainment industry.

The outcome of these negotiations will shape the future of Hollywood and the livelihoods of its actors.


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