HIV/AIDS: LSACA sentises students on need to get tested

HIV/AIDS: LSACA sentises students on need to get tested

The Lagos State AIDS Control Agency(LSACA) has sensitised students of the University of Lagos on the need to know their HIV status and abstain from unprotected sex.

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The Chief Executive Officer of the Agency, Dr Mosurat Adeleke, at a Valentine Day’s sensitisation held on Monday at UNILAG said HIV was no longer a death sentence.

“We are here today because it is Valentine’s Day.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has asked us to look out for the adolescent youth population, celebrate with them and educate them on HIV/AIDS.

We are here today to make sure we remind the students of all the things they need to do to ensure we stem the tide of the HIV virus.

“Basically, we are starting with our health education to remind the students of all the precautions they should take.

We have loads of male and female condoms to give to the students.

I know there are some of them that can practice the abstinence we keep talking about, but in the event they cannot do that, we want them to have safe sex.

“Because we know that they have a low-risk perception, they indulge in a lot of risky sexual behaviours, and they have poor uptake of our HIV services, so, we remind them of all the facilities we have that are stigma-free.

The first thing first; they must get tested and know their status.

If they know their status, no matter the outcome, we remind them that HIV/AIDS is no longer a death sentence.

The executive officer noted that added that there was the need to raise the awareness of gender-based violence among the students’ populace.

There should be no basis for discrimination of people living with HIV; the virus can enter the body system from blood and blood products and it might be through the use of unsterile needles.

“We are also intensifying the campaign against gender-based violence and drug abuse knowing well that those that engage in these acts are vulnerable to HIV/AIDS.

All our campaigns are geared towards the global epidemic control by 2025 and eradication of new infections by 2030,” she said.

HIV/AIDS: LSACA sentises students on need to get tested