Hertfordshire’s River Hiz Becomes Unlikely Resting Place for Submerged Electric BMW Valued at £63,000

Hertfordshire’s River Hiz Becomes Unlikely Resting Place for Submerged Electric BMW Valued at £63,000

In a startling incident in Hitchin town centre, Hertfordshire, an electric BMW IX3 SUV, valued at £63,000, found itself submerged in the icy waters of the River Hiz.

The incident occurred when the driver, reportedly a middle-aged woman, inadvertently drove through safety barriers, leading to the vehicle’s unexpected plunge into the river.

Despite the BMW becoming nearly fully submerged, early reports suggest that the driver emerged from the incident unharmed, adding a miraculous twist to the dramatic turn of events.

Eyewitness Accounts: A Sudden Crash and a Swift Rescue

Eyewitnesses at the scene recounted the shocking moment when the electric SUV crashed through the railings into the River Hiz.

The vehicle, initially parked at Portmill Lane West Car Park, took an unexpected and rapid course into the water. According to Casey Gutterridge, a witness at the scene, the incident unfolded abruptly.

Gutterridge mentioned that the bystanders heard comments about the driver’s recent acquisition of the vehicle, speculating that the driver may not have been familiar with the nuances of electric cars.

Gutterridge described the swift transition from the driver being inside the car to the vehicle’s sudden immersion in the river.

The witness highlighted a notable aspect of electric vehicles—their quiet operation, which sometimes makes it challenging to discern whether the vehicle is running.

In this case, it’s suggested that the driver, thinking the car was in park mode, unintentionally pressed the accelerator, setting off the chain of events leading to the river plunge.

Emergency Response and Vehicle Retrieval

Emergency services, including Hertfordshire Police and Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, promptly responded to the scene.

The partially submerged BMW IX3 was carefully lifted from the River Hiz and securely placed onto a recovery truck just before 7 pm.

The efficient response and the subsequent vehicle retrieval demonstrated the collaborative efforts of the emergency teams involved.

Community Impact: Relief and Gratitude for an Unharmed Outcome

Fortunately, amidst the commotion, it appears that no injuries were reported in connection with the incident.

Residents and onlookers expressed relief that the accident occurred in an area frequently used by families for leisurely walks along the river.

The pathway’s popularity raised concerns about the potential risks associated with such incidents, underscoring the importance of safety measures and awareness, especially in areas frequented by the community.

The recovery process, spanning several hours, was carried out with diligence, taking into account the unique considerations associated with electric vehicles.

As electric cars gain prevalence on the roads, incidents like these prompt reflections on safety protocols and public awareness surrounding their distinctive features.

Investigation and Lessons Learned

While the immediate focus was on the successful retrieval of the submerged BMW and the well-being of the driver, inquiries into the circumstances leading to the incident are likely to follow.

Authorities, including Hertfordshire Police, may conduct investigations to understand the sequence of events and assess whether any lessons can be learned to prevent similar incidents in the future.

As electric vehicles continue to integrate into daily life, comprehensive education and awareness campaigns become imperative to ensure safe handling and operation.

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