Actress Funke Akindele’s Epic Clap Back at Troll Over Marriage Advice Earns Social Media Praise

Funke Akindele’s Trolls and Quick Comeback

Nigerian actress Funke Akindele found herself in the spotlight after a social media user criticized her for not being married.

The Twitter user, @ModukpeMugabe, advised her to consider remarrying, pointing out her age as a factor.

The Troll’s Remarks and Akindele’s Retort

The troll’s message suggested that Akindele, as she was getting older, should prioritize getting married this year. Akindele swiftly responded to the comment with a sharp comeback, saying, “Ok wedding planner.”

Social Media Applause

Funke Akindele’s quick and witty response garnered significant applause and appreciation from other social media users.

Many praised her for handling the situation with humor and confidence.

Supportive Social Media Reactions

Various social media users chimed in, expressing support for Akindele’s response. Some defended her right to privacy, criticizing the intrusive nature of the troll’s comment.

Others questioned the societal pressure around marriage and aging, highlighting the irrelevance of such remarks.

Akindele’s Resilience and Humor

Akindele’s confident and humorous response showcased her resilience in handling online criticism. Her reply not only shut down the troll but also sparked discussions about societal expectations and privacy boundaries on social media platforms.

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