Chilling 911 Call Reveals Final Moments of Slain Pro Cyclist in Love Triangle Murder Trial

Chilling 911 Call Reveals Final Moments of Slain Pro Cyclist in Love Triangle Murder Trial

A horrific 911 phone call revealed the final moments of slain pro cyclist Moriah ‘Mo’ Wilson, where her panic-stricken friend told dispatchers ‘her brain is leaking.’ The grisly 911 call was played in court Wednesday at the murder trial of yoga instructor Kaitlin Armstrong, 36, who is accused of shooting her love rival Wilson in May 2022.

The Crime Scene and 911 Call:

Armstrong allegedly opened fire in Wilson’s friend Caitlin Cash’s home, where the cyclist was discovered laying in a pool of blood in her bathroom, leading to a frantic 911 call that was played for the jury.

‘Her brain is leaking,’ Cash said in the audio. ‘I just walked in, and she’s lying on the bathroom floor and there’s blood everywhere. I can’t tell what’s happened.’

The Victim and the Shooting:

The shooting erupted on May 11, 2022, after Wilson returned home from swimming and a dinner with Strickland.

Wilson, a professional cyclist, did not live in Austin at the time and had traveled to the city for a race. She was hailed as one of the most promising female off-roaders in the nation at the time.

The Accused and Her Escape:

After Wilson was shot dead in Cash’s home, Armstrong was initially questioned by police but was released on a paperwork technicality because an officer filled out her date of birth incorrectly on a form.

The yoga instructor, who has pleaded not guilty, spent 43 days on the run in Costa Rica after the shooting, and also attempted a daring prison escape earlier this month before her trial began.

Testimony and Emotional Moments:

Cash testified about her experience upon discovering Wilson’s condition and making the 911 call.

She also mentioned the last text she received from Wilson and the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

After the panic-stricken 911 call was played to the court, the jury also watched grisly bodycam footage from the responding officer who performed CPR on Wilson.

Details of the Murder Trial:

The trial got underway this week with both sides laying out opening arguments before the jury. Prosecutors allege Armstrong stood over Wilson and shot her ‘in the heart’ in an explosive beginning to the case.

Armstrong appeared in court with seemingly dyed hair, after she previously dyed it a darker color and underwent plastic surgery while on the run last year.

Prosecution and Defense Arguments:

Prosecutors expressed their intention to play the surveillance camera audio that captured screams and gunshots, arguing that Armstrong shot Wilson.

They also mentioned the shell casings and Strickland’s expected testimony about his romance with Armstrong and his friendship with Wilson.

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