Helpful Pre-Workout Routine Tips

Your workout routine is essential, but you must remain conscious about your daily habits and best position when training. Still, there are some things you can do before you start with your workout for long-term results. 

Drink Your Water

Water remains vital for your survival as you know your body consists of 50% water. So, to help regulate body temperature with brain function keeping your organs working, you need to drink water. When you do intense workouts, you lose water through sweat. 


Thus, with proper hydration, it is crucial. The general recommendation is 17 to 20 fl ounces three hours before and ten fl ounces 20 minutes before your workouts. Still, you also need to consume water after working out. 

Get Enough ZZZs 

Sleep is also essential for a healthy routine, and you need to get a good amount of ZZZs. If you do not sleep, it can hurt your cognitive and physical performance. In addition, it can influence your reaction and mood and can lead to injuries. 

Fuel Your Body with Healthy Nutrition 

While you can enjoy a natural pre-workout protein shake in between meals, you still need to get in healthy nutrition. Hence, it helps balance your protein, healthy fat, and carbohydrate intake. 


Depending on your exercise, the body determines what to use as fuel, but these three play an essential role in your body’s functioning correctly. Carbohydrates are the primary fuel source, and you need a daily intake of 65%. 


It would be best if you had both the complex and simple carbohydrate intake, as both play a crucial role a few hours before exercising. Then the amino acids found in protein are also essential to help with muscle tissue repair and must make up 35% of your daily diet. 


As protein takes longer to digest, it is recommended to have it a few hours before your workout. Lastly, your body needs healthy fats of 35% in your daily diet, with only 10% from saturated fats, as it can slow your digestion rate. So, consuming it too close to your workout is not ideal. So, if you cannot ingest your three macronutrients, it helps to get a shake at a protein shop to help. 


Do Your Warm-Up 

You need to warm the body up when you plan to work out. With a good warm-up, you will get the blood flowing to warm up the muscles and increase your range of motion. In addition, a warm-up helps reduce injuries. So do warm-ups based on the movements you plan to do in your training, and start slow, gradually progressing while including dynamic stretches. 


The above tips will help to prepare your body for a helpful pre-workout routine to remain healthy and prevent injuries at the same time. 

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