From Receptionist to Vocal Star: Helen Paul’s Journey as the Voice of Psquare’s ‘Story

From Receptionist to Vocal Star: Helen Paul’s Journey as the Voice of Psquare’s ‘Story

“The Untold Story of Psquare’s ‘Story’: Helen Paul’s Surprise Revelation”

In a recent interview on the Honest Bunch Podcast, Nigerian comedian Helen Paul dropped a surprising revelation about her involvement in Psquare’s 2005 hit song ‘Story.’

She disclosed that she was the voice behind the iconic ‘Uncle, please tell us a story’ in the song, a role she landed unexpectedly.

“From Receptionist to Vocal Virtuoso: Helen Paul’s Humble Beginnings”

At the time of her involvement in Psquare’s ‘Story,’ Helen Paul was working as a receptionist. In the podcast interview, she recounted how the original plan for children to do the voiceover fell through, and she, with her talent for imitating voices, was offered the opportunity.

“A Journey into the Music World: Helen Paul’s Voice Takes Center Stage”

Not initially familiar with Psquare, Helen Paul embraced the opportunity and laid the voices for the children in the song, creating a memorable segment.

The unexpected gig marked the beginning of a transformative journey for Helen Paul in the music industry.

“The Impact of Helen Paul’s Voice: From N9,500 to Over N400,000 Monthly”

Helen Paul’s distinctive voice became her secret weapon, leading to numerous job opportunities. She revealed that after Psquare’s ‘Story,’ she went on to voice another advertisement, significantly increasing her monthly income from N9,500 to a remarkable N400,000 or more.

This unexpected turn of events marked a pivotal moment in Helen Paul’s career, showcasing the transformative power of hidden talents