Heartwarming Encounter – Young Royal Guard Enthusiast Saluted by Soldiers at the Tower of London

Heartwarming Encounter – Young Royal Guard Enthusiast Saluted by Soldiers at the Tower of London

In a heartwarming incident at the Tower of London, two royal guards deviated from their usual stoicism to salute a young fan named Little Frank.

Known for his endearing videos dressing up in miniature soldier outfits, Frank experienced a delightful surprise when the guards paused to engage with him, breaking away from their usual protocol.

A Break in Protocol:

The footage captures the enchanting moment as Little Frank stands at attention, clad in his mini-uniform and bearskin, while the guards, in full regalia, walk through the cobbled grounds.

Spotting the young enthusiast, they march over, exchanging salutes and initiating a brief conversation.

One guard praises Frank, saying, ‘Good evening young man, how are you? Looking very smart today,’ appreciating the young soldier’s attire, including his shiny shoes.

Interaction and Admiration:

The camaraderie continues with a reciprocal salute before the guards gracefully march away.

Eager for more, Frank attempts to keep up by marching behind them, expressing his excitement to his father about the salute he received.

The interaction defies the usual protocol of the royal guards, who maintain a stern demeanor and are generally restricted from engaging with the public to uphold their stoic image.

Social Media Fame:

Frank, a social media sensation with over 162,000 followers on his TikTok account @frankthesoldier, has gained popularity for his adorable videos showcasing his love for the Royal Guard.

Social media users have responded with warmth, and his videos have accumulated millions of likes.

His bio humorously reads, ‘My name is Frank, and I love the Royal Guard.’

Previous Viral Moments:

This heartwarming encounter follows previous viral moments for Frank, such as a special nod from troops at St James’ Palace last August.

In that instance, Frank saluted the passing soldiers, receiving a respectful nod in return.

His genuine enthusiasm and respect for the military have resonated widely, earning him admiration and a growing online fanbase.


The endearing episode at the Tower of London showcases the power of unexpected connections, breaking down barriers between stoic royal guards and an enthusiastic young fan.

Little Frank’s infectious joy continues to capture the hearts of viewers, emphasizing the positive impact of such uplifting moments.

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