Heartbroken Partner of Hollyoaks Star Slams Sentencing of Dangerous Driver Who Killed Her and Unborn Child

Heartbroken Partner Speaks Out

Calvin Buckley, the heartbroken partner of the late Hollyoaks star Frankie Jules-Hough, who tragically lost her life in a horrific car crash caused by a dangerous driver, has voiced his profound disappointment with the justice system.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Buckley expressed his family’s struggle to grieve and move on due to what he perceives as an injustice in the sentencing of the driver responsible for the fatal accident.

A Fatal Crash and the Loss of Two Lives

The incident, which occurred in May, claimed the life of 38-year-old Frankie Jules-Hough and her unborn child, Neeve.

Adil Iqbal, 22, the driver at fault, had recorded himself driving at speeds reaching up to 123mph before losing control on the M66 in Bury, Greater Manchester.

The crash left a devastating impact on Jules-Hough’s family, and their quest for justice was met with challenges.

Sentencing and an Appeal

Initially, Iqbal was sentenced to 12 years in prison for causing death by dangerous driving and two counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

This sentencing decision left Jules-Hough’s partner, Calvin Buckley, profoundly dissatisfied.

Despite an appeal, the added three years extended Iqbal’s sentence to a total of 15 years, still short of the life sentence Buckley felt was warranted.

Judges could impose life sentences for deaths caused by dangerous driving since 2022, but prior to this change, the maximum sentence was 14 years.

A Shocking Case of Reckless Driving

During the appeal hearing, Lord Justice Bean characterized the case as “the worst case of bad driving any of us can recall.”

On the day of the fatal crash, Frankie Jules-Hough had pulled over to the hard shoulder of the motorway due to a puncture.

Tragically, her two sons and a nephew were in the car when they were struck by Iqbal’s vehicle.

The impact resulted in unsurvivable brain injuries for Jules-Hough and the loss of her unborn child.

Her son, Thomas Spencer, and her nephew, Tobias Welby, suffered severe brain injuries, with uncertain long-term outcomes.

Driver’s History of Recklessness

Adil Iqbal, from Accrington, Lancashire, had a history of reckless driving. He had previously been convicted of driving without insurance in 2019 and had posted a video of himself speeding in a Lamborghini Huracan in Dubai in December 2021.

Two months before the fatal crash, he received a warning from the police for racing an Audi car on public roads.

Dashcam footage from other drivers on the day of the accident captured Iqbal aggressively tailgating, undertaking, and exhibiting dangerous driving behavior on an A road leading to the motorway.

An Unsettled Quest for Justice

Despite the extended sentence, Calvin Buckley expressed his disappointment and disbelief that a life sentence was not imposed on Adil Iqbal, given the severity and extremity of the case.

The sentencing has left Jules-Hough’s family grappling with feelings of injustice, making it challenging for them to find closure and begin the grieving process.

The tragic loss of a beloved Hollyoaks star has highlighted the ongoing issues surrounding sentencing in cases of dangerous driving.

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