Hawaii man loses life in shark attack.

Hawaii man loses life in shark attack.

Fatal Shark Attack Claims Life of Hawaiian Surfer

A tragic incident unfolded off the coast of Maui as Jason Carter, a 39-year-old surfer, fell victim to a shark attack. The Maui Police Department confirmed the attack, stating that Carter was in the waters on a Saturday morning when the incident occurred.

Emergency Response and Rescue Efforts

Safety officers swiftly intervened, using a jet ski to bring Carter ashore as the police arrived at the scene. Upon reaching the shore, immediate life-saving measures were initiated in an attempt to stabilize his condition before transporting him to the hospital. Despite these efforts, Carter ultimately succumbed to the severity of his injuries.

Subsequent Measures and Reported Circumstances

Following the tragic event, authorities took precautionary measures by closing the beach and putting up shark warning signs. Reports indicated mixed water conditions at the time, likely influenced by high surf conditions. Remarkably, this marked the first fatality resulting from a shark attack in Hawaiian waters for the year.

Community Impact and Ongoing Safety Concerns

The incident has undoubtedly impacted the local community and raised ongoing safety concerns for those engaging in water activities in the region. Hawaii News Now emphasized the rarity of such occurrences while highlighting the unpredictability of water conditions.

The loss of Jason Carter serves as a poignant reminder of the potential dangers lurking in the ocean waters, prompting increased vigilance and caution among beachgoers and water enthusiasts.

Ongoing Discussions and Safety Measures

As discussions about safety continue in the aftermath of this tragic event, efforts to enhance awareness and safety protocols remain at the forefront. The incident underscores the importance of understanding and respecting the dynamic and unpredictable nature of the ocean’s ecosystem.


The tragic loss of Jason Carter to a fatal shark attack off the coast of Maui stands as a somber reminder of the vulnerability inherent in ocean activities and the necessity of maintaining vigilance and safety measures while enjoying these natural environments.

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