Eco Clowns and Police Showdown: Just Stop Oil Protesters Bring Streets to a Halt

Eco Protesters in the Spotlight

A group of 23 eco-activists from the Just Stop Oil movement garnered attention as they brought traffic to a standstill on Kensington Park Road in Oval, London.

Dressed in their signature orange Hi-Viz vests, the activists mocked police officers and continued their disruptive campaign.

Police Attempts and Mockery

As police officers attempted to clear the road, the eco-zealots, playing dead in the busy street, engaged in a war of words with law enforcement.

A protester went so far as to ridicule a police officer, stating, ‘I don’t go anywhere with strange men,’ when asked to move.

Social Media Boasts and Police Response

Following their arrests, the protesters took to social media, boasting that they ‘quite literally can’t arrest us all.’ In a now-deleted post, the Metropolitan Police fired back, stating, ‘we “quite literally” just have,’ reflecting the ongoing tension between authorities and the campaigners.

Continued Disruption and Cyclist Interaction

Undeterred by previous arrests, the group continued their disruptive protests, waving signs and blocking vehicles.

A cheeky moment captured on film shows protesters instructing officers to clear the bike lane, emphasizing their commitment to obstructing traffic.

Metropolitan Police’s Perspective

The Metropolitan Police, facing a significantly smaller group than a previous demonstration, expressed frustration at the ongoing disruptions caused by the Just Stop Oil activists.

The police confirmed making arrests, highlighting the impact on Londoners and the cost associated with managing these protests.

Public Outcry and Frustration

Videos from previous demonstrations captured frustrated members of the public confronting the activists. One Londoner criticized the group for ‘wasting everybody’s time and petrol,’ highlighting the broader impact of the protests on daily life and commuters.

Emergency Service Disruption

The Just Stop Oil protests have not been without controversy, with reports of disruptions to emergency services.

In a previous incident, an ambulance was allegedly blocked during a ‘die-in’ on Waterloo Bridge, prompting concerns about the impact of the demonstrations on critical services.

Just Stop Oil’s Response

Just Stop Oil responded to accusations of blocking an ambulance, asserting their policy to immediately move for emergency vehicles.

They claimed that, in the specific incident, it was the police who obstructed the ambulance’s path, emphasizing their commitment to resisting government decisions regarding oil and gas licensing.