Gutted” Daniel Dubois Skips Post-Match Press Conference Amid Controversy Over Low Blow Call

Gutted” Daniel Dubois Skips Post-Match Press Conference Amid Controversy Over Low Blow Call

In a surprising turn of events, Daniel Dubois, who was left feeling “gutted,” decided to forego the post-match press conference following his recent bout against Oleksandr Usyk.

The match, which featured a clash for the world heavyweight championship, ended with Usyk securing a ninth-round stoppage victory and retaining his WBA, IBF, and WBO belts.

However, it was the referee’s decision to allow Usyk to recover after a contentious low blow from Dubois in the fifth round that drew significant attention.

The debate was sparked by a low blow from Dubois that caused Usyk to buckle, resulting in a pause in the action.

While the shot was ruled accidental, controversy surrounded the referee’s call to let Usyk regain his composure.

Promotor Frank Warren revealed that Dubois’ camp plans to take action, aiming to either declare the match a no contest or push for a rematch.

Warren stated, “Our intention is to lobby the WBA to categorize this as a no contest.

The referee deemed the knockdown as below the belt, but in actuality, the punch landed on the waistband of Usyk’s shorts.”

He further explained that, according to the rules meeting guidelines, the waist is the midpoint of the hips, making the punch a legitimate blow.

Warren questioned the referee’s handling of the situation, pointing out the extended recovery time granted to Usyk and the absence of any point deductions.

Dubois himself was absent from the post-match press conference, but he shared his perspective earlier with talkSPORT, asserting, “It wasn’t my night. However, that wasn’t a low blow; it was a body shot.

I’m truly disappointed.”

Usyk and his team expressed surprise during their own press conference at the contention surrounding the low blow.

Promotor Alex Krassyuk questioned the interpretation of legal and illegal blows, noting that the belly button serves as the demarcation line. Usyk even lifted his shirt and indicated where he believed the shot had landed, emphasizing the distinction between boxing as a sport and a street fight.

He offered his readiness for a rematch, even suggesting a street fight without boxing gloves, only fists, to settle matters.

The controversy stemming from this match brings into focus the intricate interpretations and consequences of referee decisions in the world of boxing.