Traders’ Convoy Attacked, Eight Lives Lost in Katsina Ambush

Traders Attacked on Return from Market

A convoy of traders in Yantumaki town, Katsina State, fell prey to an assault by unidentified gunmen as they returned from the local market in Danmusa Local Government Area.

The attack resulted in fatalities and injuries.

Terrorists Target Convoy Despite Military Escort

Kabiru Dangaye, the head of the local drivers’ union, revealed that despite the presence of armed soldiers escorting the convoy of twenty-five vehicles, the attackers opened fire on the traders.

The assailants, operating in multiple groups, engaged the convoy at different points, overpowering the military presence.

Deadly Encounter During the Journey

The tragic incident occurred as the convoy moved through various villages in the Danmusa area. The attack escalated as the terrorists unleashed gunfire, resulting in casualties among the traders and a fierce engagement between the gunmen and the soldiers.

Calls for Assistance and Unanswered Inquiries

Amid the chaos, a distress call prompted the Community Watch Corps to dispatch additional soldiers to aid the traders.

Despite efforts to reach out to the police for comment, there has been no response from the Katsina State police regarding the attack.