Caren Elosua Files Lawsuit Against Novo Nordisk, Alleging Ozempic’s Role in Severe Stomach Issues

Caren Elosua initiates legal proceedings against pharmaceutical giant Novo Nordisk, alleging that their weight loss drug, Ozempic, is responsible for severe stomach problems suffered by her and others.

In court documents obtained by TMZ, Elosua claims that despite being aware of potential side effects, she was prescribed Ozempic to address her type-2 diabetes.

Timeline of Ozempic Usage and Diagnosis of Gastroparesis

Starting her Ozempic regimen with a 1ml dose in April 2021, Elosua increased it to 2ml a few years later.

By the end of the previous year, she asserts that she received a gastroparesis diagnosis, attributing the weakening of her stomach muscles to the weight loss drug.

Allegations of Knowledge and Negligence Against Novo Nordisk

In her lawsuit, Elosua contends that Novo Nordisk was aware of the potential harm Ozempic could cause, specifically linking it to gastroparesis.

Despite this knowledge, she alleges, the company continued manufacturing and distributing the drug, leading to significant health issues for users.

Severe Side Effects and Hospitalization

Elosua reports experiencing headaches, vomiting, cramping, and severe stomach pain, prompting her to consult a gastroenterologist. The specialist diagnosed weakened stomach muscles, hindering proper food digestion.

Despite discontinuing Ozempic in late January, Elosua claims irreversible damage had already occurred, leading to hospitalization due to persistent pain and abdominal complications.

Widespread Allegations and Similar Lawsuits Across America

Elosua is not alone in her legal pursuit, as patients across the United States file lawsuits against Novo Nordisk, reporting extreme side effects linked to Ozempic.

Many of these cases, mirroring Elosua’s experience, involve a diagnosis of gastroparesis—a condition with potentially life-threatening complications such as nausea, vomiting, and severe pain.

Lawsuits Highlight Lack of Warning and Similar Cases with Other Drugs

A review of a dozen lawsuits conducted by in January reveals a common theme: patients accusing Novo Nordisk of inadequate warnings about Ozempic’s risks.

Additionally, Eli Lilly, the maker of Mounjaro—a diabetes drug similar to Ozempic—faces at least ten lawsuits with similar allegations of failure to provide proper warnings about potential risks.

Specific Cases Highlighting Severe Complications

Individual cases include a woman diagnosed with gastroparesis leading to tooth loss, another facing a life-threatening bowel injury, and a third experiencing severe gastroparesis requiring hospitalization with extended periods without bowel movements.

FDA Approval and Off-Label Prescriptions

Ozempic, with FDA approval for type 2 diabetes treatment, has been prescribed off-label for weight loss to millions of Americans.

Similar off-label use is observed with Mounjaro, which also has FDA approval for diabetes treatment.

Victims Speak Out and Demand Awareness

Victims like Zakareeya Gregory, Brea Hand, and others share their harrowing experiences, emphasizing the lack of awareness regarding the drugs’ potential side effects. Gregory had her gallbladder removed, Hand suffered extreme stomach pain, and both express the need for increased awareness about the risks associated with Ozempic and similar drugs.

Novo Nordisk Yet to Respond

As the legal battles unfold and the allegations against Novo Nordisk intensify, reaches out to the pharmaceutical company for comment, seeking their perspective on the accusations and the widespread concerns raised by the affected individuals.

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