Grimes Reveals Insight into Co-Parenting with Elon Musk: Nurturing Young Engineers and Unique Parenting Choices

Grimes Reveals Insight into Co-Parenting with Elon Musk: Nurturing Young Engineers and Unique Parenting Choices

Grimes, the 35-year-old musician, has recently opened up about her life as a mother and her unique co-parenting arrangement with her ex-partner, Elon Musk, the 52-year-old CEO of Tesla.


The couple, who split in 2022 after a three-year relationship, continue to co-parent their two children: their three-year-old son, X Æ A-12, often referred to as “X,” and their one-year-old daughter, Exa Dark Sideræl, affectionately nicknamed “Y.”

In an exclusive interview featured on the cover of the latest issue of Wired magazine, Grimes, whose real name is Claire Boucher, shed light on the intriguing dynamics between Musk and their son, X.

She delved into Musk’s role as a mentor and his propensity to involve X in his professional pursuits.

Grimes expressed her approval of this relationship, highlighting the common interests shared by father and son.


Grimes revealed an interesting facet of their parenting approach.

X’s fascination with rockets, in particular, caught her attention.

She marveled at his extensive knowledge about rockets, even surpassing her own understanding of the subject.

The couple has taken a unique stance on X’s toys, choosing to avoid those that are not anatomically accurate, as these tend to upset him.

However, Grimes touched upon a more challenging aspect of X’s interest in space.


She recounted an incident where X witnessed his father’s Starship rocket explosion, leading to a prolonged period of distress.

X’s intense emotional response to the explosion left Grimes pondering the boundary between healthy fascination and potential obsession.

She described how she supported X during his anxious moments, soothing him as he grappled with his feelings.

The interview also shed light on their daughter’s personality.

Grimes noted that their one-year-old daughter also seems to be taking after Musk, displaying a penchant for engineering-like interests.


Grimes playfully remarked that their daughter finds interest in unusual subjects such as industrial shipping, giving her a distinctive and intriguing personality even at such a young age.

In summary, Grimes’ interview with Wired magazine offered a rare glimpse into her life as a mother and her co-parenting relationship with Elon Musk.

The couple’s unique parenting choices, their son’s intense passion for rockets, and their daughter’s early inclination towards engineering all contribute to a captivating portrayal of their family dynamics.


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