Greyparrot Secures $12.8M Funding Boost Led by Bollegraaf for AI Waste Analytics Advancement

Greyparrot Secures $12.8M Funding Boost Led by Bollegraaf for AI Waste Analytics Advancement


Greyparrot, a leading player in the field of AI waste analytics, has successfully secured $12.8 million in funding, with Bollegraaf as the primary investor.

The financial injection is poised to drive advancements in waste management through data-driven insights and foster collaboration across the waste value chain.

Bollegraaf’s Strategic Investment:

The investment comes from Bollegraaf, demonstrating a strategic commitment to Greyparrot’s vision of transforming the waste industry.

Bollegraaf’s financial support aims to propel collaborative efforts within the waste value chain, bringing together producers, waste managers, and regulators to promote sustainable recovery and reuse of waste materials.

Greyparrot’s Mission and AI Innovation:

Under the leadership of CEO Mikela Druckman, Greyparrot is dedicated to assisting recycling facility managers and producers in optimizing recycling processes and minimizing waste.

The company’s AI waste analytics play a pivotal role in automating sorting facilities and enhancing transparency throughout the global value chain.

In 2023, Greyparrot’s Analyzer facilitated the analysis of over 25 billion waste objects, categorizing them into more than 70 categories in real-time.

The comprehensive data revealed crucial insights, including material type, financial value, brand, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

CEO’s Perspective and Focus on Collaboration:

Mikela Druckman emphasized the significance of expanding the reach of AI waste analytics to plant managers swiftly.

The objective is to empower the industry with data-driven insights necessary for the development and operation of smart Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs).

Greyparrot underscores the importance of collaboration with plant builders and other key stakeholders. The company’s commitment to being hardware-agnostic enables seamless integration with various systems, fostering collaboration and systemic change driven by waste intelligence.

Vision for Waste Management Progress:

Druckman highlighted that the progress in addressing the waste crisis requires a collective commitment to systemic change fueled by waste intelligence.

Greyparrot’s hardware-agnostic approach enables flexibility in integration, ensuring the broad applicability of its platform across diverse systems.


Greyparrot’s successful fundraising, led by Bollegraaf, positions the company at the forefront of AI-driven waste analytics.

The injection of $12.8 million will enable Greyparrot to further revolutionize waste management practices, foster collaboration, and contribute significantly to the global shift towards sustainable and data-driven waste recovery.

The company’s commitment to collaboration and systemic change marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of the waste management industry.

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