Green Party’s Radical Manifesto Includes Drug Liberalization and Unusual Transport Limits

Green Party’s Radical Manifesto Includes Drug Liberalization and Unusual Transport Limits

The Green Party has unveiled a series of unconventional policies ahead of the upcoming general election, sparking both intrigue and controversy.

Among their proposals are plans to make crack cocaine available on the NHS, impose a 55mph limit on motorways, and enforce a ban on ‘loud’ fireworks.

These initiatives form part of the Green Party’s manifesto, titled ‘Policies for a Sustainable Society’, which outlines their vision for the future of Britain.

Striking Proposals

The Green Party’s manifesto includes a range of striking proposals, such as mandating water pistols to be made of clear plastic to distinguish them from real guns and ensuring no one lives more than 500 meters from a tree.

Additionally, they advocate for the restoration of British Museum artifacts to their ‘original owners’. Despite their focus on liberalizing drug policies, the party suggests implementing laws to subject MPs to drug testing before voting.

Leaders’ Vision

During the launch of their election campaign, Green co-leaders Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay emphasized the party’s commitment to offering ‘real hope and real change’.

They pledged to enact policies that benefit people’s lives daily and push for more ambitious reforms compared to other political parties.

Denyer and Ramsay seek to position Green MPs as catalysts for transformative change within the House of Commons.

Justification and Clarification

Clarification of Policies

The Green Party’s website outlines that their policies are democratically determined by members and aim to create a greener, fairer, healthier, and safer society for all.

Despite the unconventional nature of some proposals, they assert that these initiatives are grounded in principles of sustainability and social justice.

Responses and Feedback

While the Green Party’s policies have garnered attention and debate, they have also faced criticism and skepticism from various quarters.

Critics question the feasibility and wisdom of implementing some of the proposed measures, particularly regarding drug liberalization and animal welfare reforms.


In conclusion, the Green Party’s manifesto presents a bold and unconventional vision for the future of Britain, encompassing a wide range of policy areas.

While some of their proposals may seem radical or controversial, the party remains steadfast in its commitment to creating a more sustainable and equitable society.

As the general election approaches, the Green Party’s manifesto will undoubtedly continue to provoke discussion and scrutiny among voters and political commentators alike.

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